Are you getting bored with all of the pumpkin popping up everywhere and you’re ready to take on another delicious Fall flavor? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Y’all know I’m a huge apple fan. Apple slices dipped in almond butter- best snack ever! I’ve put together a very tempting apple recipe roundup. They all look so delish- I want to make all of these apple recipes asap!

a roundup of healthy apple recipes

I gathered this mouth-watering apple roundup, using Click below on the Foodie slide show for some scrumptious healthy apple recipes from around the blogosphere. Enjoy!

Check out Scrumptious Healthy Apple Recipes

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Something to think about….

What is your favorite way to eat apples? Even though apple pies are definitely awesome, I really just love apple slices dipped in PB or almond butter.

What is your favorite apple variety? Honey crisp, Gala, Fuji… Granny Smith- not so much.

Are you sick of pumpkin, yet? Not me, but variety is always a good thing!

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