Last week I share my favorite things to buy at Trader Joe’s and this week I’m bringing you the best healthy things to buy at Costco. I’ve been a Costco member for nearly 10 years and I can tell you that, second to Trader Joe’s, it’s one of my favorite places to shop.

front of the Costco store

We’re able to get our favorite products in bulk and at a discount and it’s just plain fun to shop there (when it’s not busy). I especially love the produce and organic selection. With three kids, we save a lot of money by shopping for bulk items bi-weekly or every third week.

In case you’re wondering, this is not sponsored, just sharing some favorites! Every Friday I do my best to make a menu plan and head to the grocery store. I go to Costco at least once per month. Friday morning is a great time to hit up Costco – the store is well-stocked for the weekend and the crowds aren’t there yet. My typical spend for a regular stock-up is $150-250.

If you aren’t familiar with Costco, you have to purchase a membership to shop – I pay for the executive membership to get money back on what I buy. Typically, the refund check is about the same as the membership fee so it pretty much pays for itself.

Alright, let’s get to it!

Best Healthy Things to Buy at Costco


My husband LOVES a good snack bar and we try to go for the healthier options! RXBARs are made with minimal ingredients, so they’re a great choice if you need a quick, healthy snack.

RX Bars at Costco

LARABAR is another great snack bar brand. The bars are also made with minimal ingredients and they just taste so darn good too!

LARABARS at Costco

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve heard me talk about these bars time and time again. They’re just as good, if not better than a candy bar! These were on sale and you better believe, I really stocked up!

Fitcrunch protein bars at Costco

These apple chips are such a tasty, healthy snack. They’re made with just apples and cinnamon and taste so good! I use them in this copycat Panera Bread salad recipe.

bare apple chips at Costco

KIND Bars are another favorite snack bar of ours. My husband likes to take one of these and one of the FITCRUNCH bars with him to work each day.

KIND Bars at Costco

The kiddos love Pirates Booty!

Pirate's Booty at Costco

These are a newer bar at Costco! The ingredients in this crunchy bar are really clean and these are super tasty.

Grain Free snack bar at Costco

These chips are the BEST! Not only do they taste awesome, but they’re also made with really clean ingredients. I always pick up a bag of these! They pair perfectly with fresh guacamole or salsa!

Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips at Costco

My kiddos love these skinny pop bags. They make a great, healthier snack option!

Skinny Pop at Costco

These individually packaged Simple Mills crackers are made with minimal ingredients and taste amazing.

Simple Mills crackers at Costco

Love using this almond flour for recipes like my Flourless Banana Apple Muffins!

almond flour at Costco

If you frequently make meals using quinoa, Costco is a great place to stock up.

quinoa at Costco

I don’t frequently use flax or hempseed, but if you do, Costco is a great place to find both.

ground flax and hemp seeds at Costco

When I don’t grab my nuts from Trader Joe’s, I like to stock up at Costco. The organic variety of almonds is new choice and the prices are great for this quantity of almonds.

organic almonds sold at Costco

Great price for a super large bottle of maple syrup.

maple syrup from Costco

You guys know how much I love Kodiak Cakes! Use this to make my favorite chocolate chip banana protein muffins!

Kodiak Cakes sold at Costco

This is one of our favorite tuna brands. It’s a wild caught, tasty tuna option.

canned tuna at Costco

PB2 just came out with powdered almond butter. This is great, dry, in smoothies and yogurt or mix it with water and drizzle it over pancakes or apple slices.

PB2 powder almond butter from Costco

My husband eats this everyday for lunch. It’s super quick to microwave and tastes great. Such a wonderful side idea, when you don’t have much time.

rice quinoa mix from Costco


I pretty much always have a salad for lunch and sometimes with my dinner too, so stocking up on organic greens at Costco is a must and the prices are so good!

organic baby greens at Costco

I love that Costco carries so many organic options. These French beans are great roasted and served with ketchup, fry-style.

organic French green beans from Costco

Horrible picture, but I love the bag of yellow squash and zucchini for so many different recipes, especially zucchini bread!

squash at Costco

Another veggie that I love roasting! And when you’re roasting up broccoli for the whole family, you really need one of these large size bags.

organic broccoli at Costco

We go through berries like crazy, so I always stock up on organic berries! Costco typically carries organic strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Organic strawberries at Costco

We also eat a lot of bananas, especially when I’m on a smoothie kick. Bananas from Costco are such a great price!

bananas at Costco

I always buy precubed butternut squash! It’s so perfect for roasting and my vegan butternut squash chili.

butternut squash at Costco

I’m really not much of a zucchini noodle fan, but this is a great convenient option if you are.

zucchini noodles from Costco

Love these sliced and roasted. Also, this Brussels recipe is delicious!

organic Brussels sprouts from Costco


Love these really tasty, healthy veggie burgers. Even my picky daughter will eat these!

Veggie burgers at Costco

I’m always looking to increase my protein and egg whites definitely help. I also use egg whites in lots of recipes, including my protein waffles, which I eat almost every morning.

egg whites from Costco

This wild caught sockeye salmon is the best deal you’ll find on this type of salmon. I also love that the filets are individually packaged. It’s super convenient just to take out and thaw 2 filets for my husband and I for dinner.

Wild caught sockeye salmon from Costco

If you drink lots of smoothies, buying organic frozen fruit from Costco is a must. They offer several different varieties. I love the cherries!

frozen fruit from Costco

This frozen riced cauliflower was a new to me product at Costco. Love that they are carrying this now!

frozen cauliflower rice from Costco


This chicken sausage is very delicious and it’s also Whole30 approved.

Chicken Apple Sausage at Costco

These meatballs are by the same brand. They aren’t Whole30 but they are delicious!

Chicken meatballs at Costco

If you like deli meat, this is a great choice. It tastes great and it’s Whole30 approved, meaning no questionable ingredients.

Organic Whole30 deli meat from Costco

This grilled chicken is already cooked and is great for adding to salads and other recipes.

grilled chicken from Costco


All right – where are my Costco buddies? What are your favorites?