Trunk Club vs. Stitch Fix – which personal styling service is worth it and which one do I like best? If you ever wanted to know the difference between Trunk Club and Stitch Fix, I’ve reviewed and compared them for you right here! This blog post comparing Trunk Club and Stitch Fix has been a long time coming. If you’re a regular reader of Kim’s Cravings, I’m sure you’re well aware of my love affair with Stitch Fix, but this is the first mention of Trunk Club. Yes, I cheated on my beloved Stitch Fix with another personal styling service! 🙂

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Trunk Club vs. Stitch Fix – The Facts

When looking at Trunk Club vs. Stitch Fix, this handy dandy table is awesome. It comes from the blog She is Fierce. She also does her own comparison of the two personal styling companies, which is definitely worth a read. This table is so darn comprehensive and helpful, there’s not much else to say about the differences between the two companies. You can easily scan through the table to see how things are just a little bit different between the two companies and the way the shipment of boxes are handled.

Since first writing this post on 4/14/16 (post was updated 11/3/19) a pricing change was made with Trunk Club. 

  • Trunk Club –  There is no fee to sign up, but each Trunk has a $25 styling fee (waived for Nordstrom cardmembers) that’s credited toward your final purchase.

Trunk Club vs. Stitch Fix- The Comparison Chart

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Trunk Club vs. Stitch Fix – The Pros and Cons

Trunk Club:

The Pros-

  • Trunk Club waives the up-front styling fee for Nordstrom cardholders. With Stitch Fix, there’s a $20 styling fee charged to your credit card before your box ships. However, if you purchase at least one item from your shipment, the fee is applied to your purchase.
  • All Trunk Club items are from Nordstrom and that means you get to take advantage of Nordstrom sale prices, if one or more of your items happen to be on sale.
  • You will be sent anywhere from 15 to 20 items, whereas Stitch Fix always sends 5 items. Your Trunk Club stylist will also send you an email of a few things that are in your trunk. You then have the opportunity to provide feedback on each item or request that an item won’t be sent if it’s something you just don’t want.
  • With Trunk Club you manually set up to receive a box. It can be once a year or even just by request. Stitch Fix is more of a subscription service and you will be sent a box according to your preferred schedule. For example, I receive a “Fix” monthly, but I know some girls who receive 2 boxes per month. On the other hand, my daughter has her Stitch Fix account set up on a “by request” basis.
  • Probably the neatest feature of Trunk Club is the ability to work more closely with your stylist. You can correspond via phone call, email or through the Trunk Club App.
  • Since Trunk Club is offered through Nordstrom, you can also grab links of items that you’d like to receive in your box and send them to your stylist. I’ve found that not everything from Nordstrom can be sent through Trunk Club, but a good majority of it can be.
  • Trunk Club gives you 10 days to decide what you want to purchase. Stitch Fix only gives you 5 days.
  • Trunk Club assigns you the same stylist each time you sign up for a trunk. This could also be a con. :/ However, you can request a switch, if you feel that things are not working out with your current stylist. Stitch Fix will also allow for you to request a specific stylist. I’ve had the same one for almost every fix. Shout out, Tiff!

The Cons- 

  • Other than some sale prices, Trunk Club does not offer discounts for buying so many items.

Stitch Fix:

The Pros-

  • The “buy 5” 25% off equates to a really great discount and many times I do actually love all 5 things in my box. Taking into account that particular discount, I think Stitch Fix is less expensive.
  • Stitch Fix sends along style cards with your shipment to give you ideas for styling the items you’re sent. I don’t really use these and I could honestly do without the cards, but I also know some girls that live for these.
  • I felt that things were more organized regarding the signing up process with Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix asks you very specific (and necessary) questions, in hopes that you get the best “Fix” possible. I felt that I was having to basically pour my heart out to my Trunk Club stylist because I wasn’t asked very many questions about my personal style.

The Cons-

  • I would love to receive more than 5 items! But I don’t know if my bank account (or hubby) would be very pleased with me. 🙂

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Trunk Club vs. Stitch Fix – My Thoughts

After receiving both services for several years and working with multiple stylists through both Stitch Fix and Trunk Club, overall Trunk Club is my favorite and go-to subscription box service. It is also important to remember that everyone is different with regards to style, budget and overall opinions. I honestly enjoy both services for different reasons. I so loved receiving 19 items from Trunk Club, as opposed to the 5 from Stitch Fix. It was truly like Christmas. I had a blast trying on and pairing different items with my own clothes and shoes. Having a full 10 days to decide on my purchase was also pretty awesome.

My favorite thing about Trunk Club and how I use the service most often is by sending my stylist items that I’ve seen on my favorite fashion bloggers. I love to watch try-on sessions on Instagram stories. This helps me get ideas of styles I may want to emulate. I can then find a similar item or (in some cases) the exact item from Nordstrom and let my stylist know I’d like something similar. If she can find the exact item, she will send that, which is awesome. Then, I can try it on in my own home with other things I already own. This works especially well with shoes. I love that I can pair the shoes with several different things I already own before I decide if I should keep them. The only con for me is that I would say Trunk Club is a bit pricier, however price is going to depend on what you keep and what you indicate with your stylist that you’re willing to spend. Plus, I’d rather pay a little extra for something that I actually really want!

I seriously love being able to send my stylist links from Nordstrom and requesting specific items like Birkenstocks, Barefoot Dreams and even high end denim and shoes.

Have you tried either Trunk Club, Stitch Fix or another personal styling delivery service? Please, do share your thoughts.

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