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Can you guys believe it’s back-to school time? It’s unbelievable to me that all of the madness of going to school is about to start up again. Didn’t school just let out for summer? After taking Landen back-to-school clothes shopping he’s starting to feel more excited about getting back into the swing of things. I really think he’s just excited to wear his new clothes!

One of the things that adds to the craziness of going back to school is all of the lunch-packing that I can foresee in my future. It’s just one more task to add to my list of things that need to be done. I’m all about creating my own healthy snacks and lunch items for my kiddos, but sometimes it’s just not possible. I’ve been on the lookout for prepackaged nutritious lunch and snack items to help keep the kids fueled and focused for plenty of learning.


While shopping at Walmart Super Store, recently, I came across a couple of different healthy Del Monte snacks. I figured it would be best to try new lunch options before packing it in their lunches for school.  We tried the Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers Simply Fruit Strawberry flavor and Del Monte Pineapple Coconut Fruit Cups. Madelyn and Landen gave both the fruit cups and fruit burst squeezers two thumbs up! I, of course, had to try them out for myself- cannot pass up Pineapple Coconut. I mixed it with some Greek yogurt for a post workout snack… yum!


With all of the back-to-school talk going on in this household, my kids get excited, but also a little nervous too. I’m pretty experienced with the back-to-school routine, considering my daughter graduated from high school this past year. So, I’m sharing….

10 back to school tips for a smooth transition

10 Back-to-School Tips for a Smooth Transition-

  1. Bring your child to the school for a visit before school starts. Most schools offer a meet the teacher night about a week before school starts- take advantage of this. If your child’s school does not offer a meet the teacher night; I’m sure most schools would be fine with you bringing your child up to tour the school and meet his/her teacher.
  2. Establish a routine prior to the first day of school. It’s probably best to start gradually waking your child up a little earlier in the morning and have them go to sleep a little earlier. Also, start some of those other structured activities; like reading before bed, eating dinner as a family, less T.V. time and anything else that your family typically does during the school year.
  3. Be organized the night before going back to school. Have your child pick out their clothes, make sure their lunch is packed, get their backpack and school supplies ready to go.
  4. Get enough sleep and make sure your child gets enough sleep. You will be happier and therefore your child will be happier, if you’re refreshed and wide awake. No one needs to be grumpy on the first day back to school!
  5. Make the mornings relaxing. Play calming music or allow your child to watch their favorite T.V. show in the morning, while eating breakfast and getting ready for school.
  6. Pick your battles. If your child is set on wearing red plaid pants with a pink shirt and green shoes, just go with it. Is it really going to hurt anything. Remember your child is trying to establish their independence.
  7. If your child is really feeling uneasy about going back to school and separation anxiety is an issue; give your child a way to hold onto you during the day. Consider sending a photo of you and your child in their backpack or write a special note and tuck it away in their lunch box.
  8. Wake your kiddos up with plenty of time to eat a healthy breakfast and leisurely get ready for the big day. It’s no fun having to rush around and it just heightens the anxiety of the day.
  9. Take your kids back to school shopping for clothes and supplies. Allow them to make choices and make it a fun day- this will be sure to get them excited and take away some of the back-to-school jitters.
  10. A treat for Mom or Dad! You might be a bit stressed yourself, on the first day back- I know I am. After dropping the kids off, run through Starbucks and treat yourself to something special! 😉

One other thing- it’s fun to have a back-to-school tradition. My family always takes back-to-school pictures. The kids act like the hate it, but I think deep down they really enjoy it. And I know they’ll enjoy looking back on these pictures when they’re older! I put together a collage of some of our back-to-school pictures through the years, to share with you. I can’t believe how much the kids change in just one year and it kind of brings a tear to my eye, reminiscing over Madelyn’s first day of Kindergarten. 🙂

bts Collage

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Something to think about….

Have you tried Del Monte’s fruit squeezers or fruit cups?

Can you think of any tips I may have missed for a smooth transition going back to school?

Any back-to-school traditions in your family?

Hope your off to a great week!

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