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Hi, guys!!! December sure is a fun month. There are so many holiday parties and get-togethers to be had. All of these holiday celebrations can be so much fun, but they can also be really stressful, especially if you’re the one doing the hosting. Let’s talk about how to stay sane and still throw a blast of a party.

Tips for the most fabulous holiday party ever! | Hungry Healthy Girl

  • You’re going to have plenty to worry about and complicated foods can definitely take over. Take my advice and keep your menu simple with quick easy-to-make foods. Consider only serving heavy hors d’oeuvres; like finger sandwiches, premade dips with crackers and veggies, crostini topped with pesto, meats and/or cheeses. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest and other various websites. Check out my party Pinterest board here for more ideas! If you’re serving a full meal; slow-cooker options like chili, meatballs or lasagna work great. Taco, soup or baked potato bars are also fun and pretty effortless.cilantro jalapeno hummus
  • Create a fun party atmosphere with lighting, music and decorations. This is super easy to do during the holidays! Light dimmers are fairly simple to install. You can also use candles, real and fake, to create a festive ambience. Use seasonal candles for a festive smell too! The music is a no-brainer around the holidays…. however, I know some people can get a little tired of constant Christmas music {silly people}. Consider creating a playlist of various holiday songs mixed in with other favorites, new and old. Again, the decorations are a no-brainer during this time of year. You probably won’t need to do any extra decorating in addition to your holiday décor….. major plus!

Tips for the most fabulous holiday party ever! | Hungry Healthy Girl


  • Socialize with your guests. Your friends are at your party to spend time with you…. the dishes can wait. You’ve probably spent lots of time planning and putting on your party, so be sure and enjoy every minute of it. Mingle with your friends, play games; like Taboo, Scene It, Trivial Pursuit or Bop It. Friendly competition can be so much fun and it’s a great way to break the ice and get everyone talking and laughing. Be sure that your food/drink setup is done in such way that guests can serve themselves. If you’re everyone’s servant, you definitely won’t enjoy yourself. Have things fully stocked as much as possible, so you’re not spending time getting more of something; like food, drink, ice, logs for the fireplace, napkins and toiletries.

Tips for the most fabulous holiday party ever! | Hungry Healthy Girl

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Probably the most important thing you can do, when hosting a holiday party, is have a good time. If you’re having fun, your guests will too!

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Something to think about….

Have you ever hosted a holiday party?

What tips would you add to the list that I provided?

Any fun holiday games that you’ve played?

Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for a yummy recipe!