Happy Saturday morning to you! My weekend is shaping up to be busy, but full of fun!

Last night, Madelyn had a dance event at a festival (Mayfest) going on in Fort Worth. Luckily, the weather was nice and all went well, especially because dinner afterward was at Sweet Tomatoes. One of my favorite places that I don’t get to go to near enough.

A picture taken at the festival. The kids were so excited about having their picture made {note the hint of sarcasm in my voice!}.


I didn’t really get any dance pictures because I wasn’t sitting in a very picture friendly area, but I snapped this one before they went on.


So now back to Sweet Tomatoes….this buffet style restaurant is located in Texas and 14 other states. They offer a huge salad bar with premade salads and make your own salad ingredients, muffins, breads, sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, soups, chilis and a dessert bar with fruit, frozen yogurt, and brownies. Some of the foods rotate, like they may have different premade salads being offered or different muffins. But you can always check the website for a weekly menu of what’s being offered. They list the nutritional stats of most of their foods on name cards right on the buffet line and nutritional stats for all foods are listed on the website.

I absolutely love their premade salads, so I pretty much got a serving of each one; California Cobb, Spicy Southwest Pasta Salad, Sonoma Spinach Salad, Broccoli salad, and Wonton Happiness Salad. I also had a low-calorie apple cinnamon muffin, a small sweet potato and a little bit of three bean chili.  Nothing disappointed!!


Of course, I couldn’t leave without dessert….Chocolate Lava Cake with vanilla frozen yogurt!


Breakfast this morning was a scrumptious bowl of oats. I’ll be posting the recipe along with an extra special giveaway on Monday.


I’ve already got my workout in and I think I’ll work in the kitchen this morning on a few recipes I’d like to perfect for the blog. I haven’t posted any sweets lately….hint, hint!

Later this afternoon, I’m taking the kiddos along with my nieces and sister to a Dr. Seuss theater production. This should be very interesting to say the least. Dr. Seuss books have always been a family favorites and one of my all-time favorite books even to this day is Oh, the Places You’ll Go. It’s so fitting for any new doors opening in someone’s life.

dr seuss

Something to think about….

Favorite Dr. Seuss book?

What’s for breakfast this morning?

Ever tried Sweet Tomatoes?

See you back here tomorrow for my weekly meal plan and Trader Joe’s favorites!