There’s one main thing we all want when grocery shopping – choice. I’m always on the lookout for healthier, more natural food options. And I’m all for supporting more organic choices – I want to easily find all of my favorite products and produce in organic form.


What are your feelings about buying organic? Is it important to you? Do you typically choose to buy organically?


Fortunately, over the last 10 years or so, I’ve seen a great increase in the amount of organic products available at my local markets and I personally purchase organic food as often as possible. There are times, though, I cannot find certain things I need in the organic section. This is so frustrating because I feel there are significant health benefits to choosing to use/consume organic items.

Also, the majority of the time, the organic food I can find is more expensive. For me, personally, I’m able to spend the extra money and it’s worth it, but what about those that do not have the additional funds to shop organically?

I’m passionate about helping make organic choices attainable for all families. I truly believe the food we put in our bodies is “medicine”. You can either pay a higher cost now and stay healthy or eat cheap junk food and pay hospital bills later.

Even though, it may be easier to purchase organic food for your family, there are still many issues deterring people buying organically. What if you could help change this and make organics a reality for everyone? The truth is, you can! Let’s work together to cut down the high prices of organics and make them readily available in all markets and grocery stores.

How You Can Help the Organic Movement

In order for organic food to be more affordable, more readily available and for the organic industry to continue to grow, the Organic Check Off Program has been created.


What is the Organic Check Off Program? This program could raise over $30 million per year towards promotion, education and research activities for the organic industry. The Organic Check Off Program would generate money for the organic sector to educate consumers about organic and it’s benefits, distinguish organic from lesser claims and unregulated seals like “natural”, confirm the science behind the benefits of organic, allow for research into solving problems with invasive pests, bring new farmers into organic production, and transition farmland into organic production in the US. This program will allow for funding for young farmers to be educated in the world of organic farming.


Let’s do this!

The USDA wants to hear your feedback on their proposal for a nationwide research and promotion of the Organic Check-Off Program for the organic industry.

If eating organic is important to you and you regularly buy organic produce, make your voice heard!

Now, through May 20, 2017, leave a comment below and it will go directly to the USDA’s Federal Registry. You can learn more about the Organic Check-off Program on Mamavation’s website.


Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by the Organic Trade Commission.  The opinions expressed are my own.