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Enjoy the great finds from my Stitch Fix - December 2015!

If you’re interested in learning more about this cool personal shopping service, my first Stitch Fix post explains everything. If you’re already a Stitch Fix subscriber, but haven’t been so lucky with getting great boxes, be sure to check out my advice for how to get the most out of Stitch Fix! Now, let’s get to it!!!

Jojo Open Cardigan by RD Style | XS | 88.00 | Return

I love big chunky cardigans, but I just felt that this one fit me too large. It was very soft and cozy, so I wish it would have fit better. With it being right around Christmas, I had to be a little pickier with what I kept and for $88, it just wasn’t worth wearing this only around the house. I will say, though, had I wanted to keep everything else in my box, I would have kept it for the “buy 5 discount”.

Jojo Open Cardigan by RD Style | XS | 88.00 | Return

And a peek at the back. Just a forewarning- it was EXTREMELY windy the day we shot these pictures, but it wasn’t cold which was a plus. My hair was everywhere! 🙂

Jojo Open Cardigan by RD Style | XS | 88.00 | Return

Nicholas Crosshatch Bangle Set by Romolo | 28.00 | Keep

I like these bracelets, especially for work. I have lots of black in my wardrobe and, lately, I’ve been trying to incorporate more gold pieces into my jewelry collection, so these were a keeper.

Nicholas Crosshatch Bangle Set by Romolo | 28.00 | Keep

Ivy Striped Tab-Sleeve V-Neck Blouse by 41Hawthorn | XS | 68.00 | Keep

LOVE, love, love!!!! I absolutely love the color green… it’s the perfect pop of color. This was the one thing I saw first when unboxing my fix, I knew I would want to keep. I’m a huge fan of the loose (but not too loose) longer look too. The quality of material is fabulous and makes this blouse great for dressing up or down. I’ve already worn this quite a few times.

Ivy Striped Tab-Sleeve V-Neck Blouse by 41Hawthorn | XS | 68.00 | Keep

And a look at the back. It came with the silky black tank, underneath, which is a huge plus and I’ve even worn it with other blouses and sweaters.

Ivy Striped Tab-Sleeve V-Neck Blouse by 41Hawthorn | XS | 68.00 | Keep

Kay Skinny Jean by Liverpool | 2 | 88.00 | Keep

These are the jeans that I’m wearing in all of the pictures in this post. I’m absolutely in love with these jeans. I’ve mentioned before how I have plenty of pants and jeans and this is not something I need, but I’m a total sucker for a great pair of pants/jeans. I’ve received Liverpool pants before and they seem to fit me better than any other brand. The quality of denim is perfect- stretchy, but solid and snug in all the right places. These skinny jeans are a faded black or grey and I don’t have any of that shade, so I just had to keep these! 🙂

Ivy Striped Tab-Sleeve V-Neck Blouse by 41Hawthorn | XS | 68.00 | Keep

Darleen Silk Back Pullover Sweater by Central Park West | XS | 148.00 | Return

This sweater is just crazy expensive and I’ll say that when I saw the price tag, all opinions went out the window. I have never paid this much for one piece of clothing and this sweater wasn’t even something I liked. I’m pretty disappointed this sweater would even be included in my fix. It looks fine in the front.

Darleen Silk Back Pullover Sweater by Central Park West | XS | 148.00 | Return

But the back is just not my style. I’m not a fan. So, because this was DEFINITELY going back, I sent back the large cardigan from above. On another note, the boots above are my new favorite thing to wear. I have wanted a pair of Frye boots for years and on cyber Monday, I finally broke down and bought some. I got a crazy good deal on the Frye website and you can also find these at this link and there are great sales going on now. This particular style (Jackie) comes in a wide variety of colors. I like a bit of heel because I’m so short, but the Melissa style is also really popular and similar, but has less of a heel. *I just came across this link on Amazon and this might actually be the best price for the Jackie’s right now. In fact, I may need another pair!

Darleen Silk Back Pullover Sweater by Central Park West | XS | 148.00 | Return

The price breakdown

Cardigan- $88
Bangle Set- $28
Striped Blouse- $68
Liverpool Jeans- $88
Crazy expensive sweater- $148

Total= $420.00
Buy 5 discount (25%)= -105.50
Styling fee credit= -20.00
Total for buying all 5 items= $295.00

What I paid for the 3 items I kept (minus the styling fee)= 164.00

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