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Let’s take a very short break from yummy eats and talk about staying the path when starting something new. This idea can apply to a variety of areas, from a new job to a healthier lifestyle. The mantra of “Stay the Path” surprisingly comes from Carrie Underwood. For those of you that don’t know, she has her own clothing line- CALIA by Carrie. You may remember my post, from last month, all about staying the path during the summer months. Check out that post for an introduction to CALIA fitness wear and Carrie’s inspirational message of finding balance in living healthfully. Love how all of the CALIA shirts and tanks include a hidden positive message!

Staying the Path When Starting Something New

I started the 21 Day Fix EXTREME over two weeks ago. I’m not going to lie- it’s a challenging meal and workout plan, but I’ve taken very specific steps to ensure that I’m able to stick with it and stay the path. All while wearing some damn cute CALIA workout clothes! Seen below, I’m wearing the Women’s Journey Printed Flutter Shorts and the Women’s Essential Short Sleeve Shirt. Both items are comfy, functional and as you can see super fashionable!

Staying the Path When Starting Something New

Tips for Staying the Path when you start something new:

Beginning a new workout regimen and meal plan can be scary, but it can also be really exciting… especially when you feel stuck in a rut. I haven’t wavered one bit on my workouts or meals, since starting the 21 Day Fix EXTREME and I’ve followed some very specific rules to ensure success.

  • Set Goals- Start with simple short term goals and then advance to longer term goals as you make progress.
  • Be Positive- Believing in yourself is the first step in making dreams become a reality. Spend time with positive people, read positive affirmations and constantly remind yourself that you have the ability to achieve great things.
  • Learn from Mistakes- We all make them and that’s okay, as long as we don’t continue repeating the same mistake over and over.
  • Make a Plan- You know the common phrase- “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” I find that writing my to-dos down, makes me much more likely to actually follow through. Whether writing down a long term plan or just your plan for the next day, planning can really help you stay the path.
  • Celebrate Accomplishments- Reward yourself! Don’t overlook your victories. When you reach a goal, do something special for yourself. It can be as simple as going to see the latest movie or enjoying a bubble bath.
  • Have Fun- Whatever you’re starting whether it be a workout plan or something else, try to have fun with it. If you’re staying positive and rewarding yourself, it probably will be fun. And it’s definitely fun, when you see those positive results!
Staying the Path When Starting Something New

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Something to think about….

What tips do you have for staying the path when you start something new? Have you started something new and challenging, recently?

Have you worn any of the CALIA workout gear? You can find CALIA by Carrie exclusively at DICK’S Sporting Goods and caliastudio.com.

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