With this post of Safer Home Swaps to Try, I’m sharing the changes in products I’ve made for me and my family in our own home.

Eating clean isn’t the only part of a healthy lifestyle. Our environment plays a big role too. What we put ON our bodies, what we use in our homes or environments, and even the relationships we keep, are just as important as the food that we put IN our bodies. The same goes for how we treat ourselves. Self-care is essential and setting boundaries within this technological world we live in is needed, though difficult.

With that said, we can do our best to reduce our toxic load, but without driving ourselves too, too crazy. Am I right? Believe me, it’s easy to do that. We now read labels and rid our home of toxic chemicals (as best as we can, not perfect).
Mrs. Meyer's cleaning supply on a marble kitchen counter near a large white sink

Safer Home Swaps to Try Right Now:

Dove Body Wash —> Beautycounter Body Wash in Citrus Mimosa

Have you read the ingredients in your body wash? After doing a little research, I downloaded the EWG’s Healthy Living App and scanned all of my beauty products. My husband and I were pretty horrified! Did you know that the ingredient, Fragrance, is allowed to hide under a cloud of rose petals and doesn’t have to say what it really is. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) exempts it from having to be more specific, even though it might contain synthetic, preservative, or allergy-provoking substances that you might want to know about.

Beautycounter bath products on a wooden bath tray over the bathtub

I love that I can trust that Beautycounter is only using safer ingredients in all products. They also go above and beyond in their constant testing of products. The new body wash we are using is extremely gentle and non-drying with a creamy texture! It has rich and nourishing marula and mongongo oils, which are ingredients that help soften and protect skin while sealing in moisture. Brad loves the smell, too!

Secret Deodorant —> Native Deodrant 

A natural deodorant that works, and I’ve tried them ALL! No aluminum for me, please and thank you! Native deodorant will keep you smelling fresh all day long while also pampering your pits with good-for-you ingredients (like tallow from grass-fed cows and organic + fair trade coconut oil) that are pure and natural enough to eat!

Native deodorant is not an antiperspirant – sweat is a HEALTHY and NORMAL part of being human! And since this product doesn’t contain any of the toxic chemicals found in conventional deodorants, it won’t interfere with your body’s natural and necessary detoxification process (also known as sweating).  IMPORTANT INFO: Adjusting to 100% natural deodorant may take some time – be patient! 🙂 The good news? Native deodorant has a cumulative effect – the longer you use it, the better it works!

Native deodorant in three varieties on a marble bathroom counter

Conventional Cleaning Products —> Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative is one of my favorite brands for making safer home swaps much easier. They deliver safe and natural cleaning products, baby products, and even beauty all to your door!!! How good is that?! Not only are their products safer, but they REALLY do the job!

If you are new to Grove, you’ll receive a free gift (when you spend $20) included with your order. 

Mrs. Meyer's kitchen products on a marble kitchen counter

Use this link to sign up and scoop up all of these free products, with free shipping, as a new customer! This offer ends 3/31/19 and only while supplies last!

  • Mrs. Meyer’s Spring hand soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Spring dish soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Spring multi-surface spray
  • Grove Collaborative bubble-up brush
  • Grove Collaborative walnut scrubber sponges

Conventional Laundry Detergent —> Theives Laundry Soap from Young Living or Grove Collaborative

Theives Laundry Soap is my favorite and highly concentrated, so it lasts forever. The product is nontoxic, biodegradable, and allergen-free. It’s also free of petroleum, phosphate, phthalates, and artificial color!

Theives laundry detergent with laundry balls laying on a fluffy comforter

Conventional Eye Make-Up Remover —> Beautycounter Eye Make-Up Remover

I used to use coconut oil, but sometimes that clogs up my pores. Before that, I used whatever junk I could find in the drugstore. I am LOVING Beautycounter’s new eye make-up remover. Just a quick shake activates this innovative dual-phase formula to completely erase long-wear and waterproof makeup. Made without mineral oil or silicones, it uses the power of coconut and macadamia oils to break down pigments and cornflower extract to soothe delicate skin. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, too!

Beautycounter eye make-up remover sitting on a white bathroom counter

My daughter prefers to use make-up remover wipes to remove her eye make-up. With Beautycounter Make-Up Remover Wipes, I can feel good knowing she is using a safer wipe that is gentle enough to use on face and eyes every day. These breakthrough wipes are also biodegradable – just dispose in your home compost. They are oil-free with no added fragrance and are ophthalmologist-tested – safe for contact lens wearers.

Air Freshener —> Grove Collaborative

When I’m not diffusing essential oils (see below), I love a light scent to spruce up the house. At Grove Collaborative, you’ll find several great choices that are made with a nontoxic formula that is family, food, and pet safe. 

Conventional Make-Up —> Beautycounter Make-Up

I’ve switched over all of my make-up to Beautycounter at this point, and aside from them being high-performing safer products, they have helped clear my skin so much in the past year!

  1. IT Cosmetics CC Cream —> Beautycounter Dew Skin with SPF
  2. Benefit Hoola Bronzer —> Bronzer in Surf or Dune
  3. Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara —> Volumizing Mascara
  4. Tarte Eye Shadows —> Beautycounter Eye Shadow (Favorite Palette)
  5. Bare Minerals Blush —> Beautycounter Blush in Nectar or Melon
  6. Estée Lauder Founation —> Beautycounter Foundation in Sand (Summer) and Linen (when paler)
  7. Mac Lipsticks —> Color Intense Lipsticks
  8. Glossier Boy Brow —> Beautycounter Brow Gel
  9. Random Make-Up Removers —> Eye Make-Up Remover and Make-Up Remover Wipes

And that’s just the start to the list!

Beautycounter makeup on a round marble tray

Bath and Body Works Lotion —> Beautycounter’s Hydrating Body Lotion

What we put ON our body is so important. Our skin is our biggest organ! Beautycounter’s Hydrating Lotion only contains ingredients that are safe – high quality ingredients that work to restore the skin (your body’s largest organ) to a healthy and nourished state!

Tampons —> Lena Menstrual Cup 

Ok, this is a newish one to me. I have been using a menstrual cup for about 5 months now. I tried two different brands so I could share what one I thought was best. But overall I am SOLD!!! Like so sold. Like tell everyone. Why did I not change sooner? Why is no body else screaming about this? Menstrual cups are genius! I was turned onto them by one of my best friends – who started using one about two years ago. I thought, oh that’s cool, but it seemed a little weird. And didn’t try it. Then I shared THIS blog post about nontoxic living. Soooo many of you suggested menstrual cups!!! I gave it a try and it wasn’t hard at all and no leaks like I thought. Only good things to say.

Reasons to use a Menstrual Cup-

  • Eco Friendly – one cup will last you FOREVER!!!
  • Non-toxic – menstrual cups don’t contain latex, BPA, dye or other additives. Almost all tampons contain bleached rayon—yes, that is BLEACH you’re shoving up there. (Menstrual pads are toxic too).
  • You can wear the menstrual cup longer – tampons offer just eight hours before toxic shock becomes a possibility. With menstrual cups, you can go up to 12 hours in between emptyings. And the cup holds more liquid!
  • Decrease your chances of toxic shock syndrome. Tiny bits of cotton can cause small cuts in your vaginal walls—a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria.
  • I did also read that using a menstrual cup is natural remedy to decrease your flow.
  • You ALWAYS have them – no more stressing if you have to run to the store, or the world is coming to an end and you can’t get your tampons! Ha!

I tried the Diva Cup and the Lena Menstrual Cup. Both were good, but overall I like the Lena Menstrual Cup best. It was easier to remove and it comes in two sizes. My biggest tip is to make sure to turn the cup, once it is inside, so it “opens”. A lot of you suggested this to me and I was so thankful because it made sense and it saved me from wondering if I did it right! There is a quiz you can take to figure out what menstrual cup is right for you HERE.

Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste —> Theives (my favorite) or Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Toothpaste

This was actually one of the first big swaps I made. I ditched the crap in the Crest and Colgate toothpaste for these fabulous ones! They both work great. I just prefer Theives Tooothpaste to Dr. Bronner Toothpaste because my mouth feels fresher after using it.

Dry Shampoo —> Primally Pure’s Texture Dry Shampoo

Instead of an aerosol can, often used for dry shampoo that uses butane and fragrance, this dry shampoo comes in a shaker bottle, is easy to apply, and it REALLY WORKS! There is an option for dark hair or light, so it doesn’t make your hair that ashy gray color. Simply shake a bit onto your scalp/roots of your hair, rub it into the hair, and you’re good to go with fresh looking, and feeling hair!

*10% off with code kimscravings10

Conventional Candles —> Essential Oil Diffuser

Instead of burning candles that are a combination of toxic ingredients, I’ve started diffusing essential oils in a diffuser! The house smells great. Favorite combo: Lavender and Eucalyptus! Learn more on my essential oils page.

essential oils diffuser sitting on books with oils in front

Bug Spray —> Primally Pure’s New Nature Spray

I’ve always hated the thought of spraying chemical bug spray ALL over my body. Primally Pure’s NEW all-natural insect repellent is made with nourishing + non-toxic ingredients. It’s free of DEET and full of organic ingredients that bugs can’t stand!

*10% off with code kimscravings10

Plastic —> Glass 

I am really trying to reduce the use of plastic in our home. A few major swaps I’ve made are:

Deals for YOU!

  1. Primally Pure: 10% off with code kimscravings10
  2. Beautycounter: Band of Beauty Membership. 15% Product Credit, Free shipping over $100, + a Complimentary Gift upon sign up. For $29/year. Check it out HERE!
  3. Grove Collaborative: Free gift with your first purchase using THIS link!
  4. Young Living: Learn all about why I love essential oils so much and learn more about this amazing brand by reading THIS post and save when you buy a starter kit.

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What safer home swaps have you made? I’d love to hear yours!