Hi, guys! It’s What I Ate Wednesday and I’m sharing all of the protein-packed eats I’ve been enjoying lately. Since I’m really trying to increase the weight I’m lifting in the gym and build lots of muscle; I’m being very conscientious of the amount of protein I’m eating.

Recent Protein-Packed Eats

Of course, there’s been no shortage of coffee in the Lee household. We’re NEVER out of coffee over here!

The New Keurig 2.0- the perfect gift for your coffee loving friend or family member!

My breakfast choices haven’t changed much from previous What I Ate Wednesday posts. I’m continuing to crave oatmeal with egg… sounds strange, but it’s really good.

Banana Whipped Eggy Oatmeal- protein-packed oats with a lovely flavor and texture!

And you better believe I enjoyed pancakes for pancake day yesterday. About Time protein pancakes are quickly becoming my favorite pancake mix. They’re incredible and the nutritional stats are fabulous!

About Time's protein pancake mix

Most weekday lunches, at work, I’ve been bringing a grilled chicken with a sweet tater. I love this combo because it’s clean, tasty, filling and full of protein. I switch this combo up with a chicken salad a couple of days of week and yes, I’m still obsessed with the grilled BBQ chicken salad.

Grilled Chicken Barbecue Salad- a healthy salad that's full of mind-blowing flavor!

And no surprise with my pre-workout snack of choice- Quest bars. I CANNOT get enough. I ordered another box of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and 2 more boxes of Cookies and Cream… oops! These bars are pretty low-calorie (about 180 calories depending on the flavor), low in sugar and protein-packed.

Cream Quest Protein Bars

You guys know I adore breakfast for dinner (check out this roundup). Whether it’s eggs, pancakes, waffles or oatmeal– it’s always in my rotation for a quick, easy, flavorful meal option. After the gym, I typically cook up scrambled eggs (2 whole eggs and 1/3 cup egg whites) with an organic gala apple and 1 tablespoon almond butter drizzled over the top. Truly, the perfect meal!

Are those eggs gorgeous or what? I purchase my eggs from a friend who raises free roaming chickens and, believe me, you can tell such a different in the taste and color. Brad has plans to build our own chicken coop this spring… I’ll keep you posted.

scrambled eggs with chopped spinach

If I’m a little hungry before bed, I have a snack of Greek yogurt or cottage cheese. Both are a great low-calorie protein-packed snack.

Something to think about….

What are your favorite eats lately?

Have you ever tried eating a high-protein diet? What about another type of diet?

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