Thank goodness the Body Revolution 7-day kickstart is complete. I’m ready to reincorporate fruits and grains back into my diet.

Progress for week 1: After two 30 minute workouts a day and strictly following the kick-start meal plan; I’m thrilled to have lost 3 pounds and already feel my jeans fitting much more comfortably. I’m not taking my measurements because for me it’s all about how my clothes fit. I also feel much less addicted to sweets and I’m not constantly craving a dessert food after dinner.

Meal planning for week 2 on Body Revolution: Jillian’s Fat Burning Meal Plan that comes with the Body Revolution program includes lots of recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Also included, are 90 possible food combinations, one for every day of the program. All of the recipes come from Jillian’s cookbook, Master your Metabolism.

meal plan 2

Breakfast choices for the week: steel-cut oats with apples and pecans, Greek yogurt cup with quinoa crunch and berries, whole-grain toast with ricotta cheese spread and berries, tomato avocado eggs with turkey bacon

Lunch choices for the week: chicken salad with red grapes and toasted pecans on whole-wheat bread, roasted chicken with whole-wheat pasta and spinach pesto, tomato avocado and chedder burrito with a side salad

Snack choices for the week: banana-almond smoothie, baked garlic chips with hummus, chedder and apple slices with cinnamon

Dinner choices for the week: I have to say, I’m not all that excited about the dinner options. There are lots of options included, but they really don’t include foods that I prefer. I would really like to get my hands on Jillian’s full cookbook for more variety. As of right now, my plan is to just go with the suggested dinner calorie count of 400 calories for dinner. I have plans to make shrimp tacos tonight {hopefully the recipe will be blog worthy}. I also may try Jillian’s almond crusted chicken breast and her roasted salmon with pepitas. For other dinners, I plan to have a chicken salad with plenty of veggies.

meal plan

Something to think about….

What’s on your meal plan for the week?

Have you flipped through or used Jillian’s cookbook? Thoughts?

Any foods for next week that you’re already looking forward to eating?

See you back here tomorrow with Marvelous in my Monday!