One day down and 6 more to go on the Body Revolution 7-day kick start plan and so far, so good. Yesterday, was my first day to follow the diet and do the workouts and all went well.

As far as the workouts, Jillian is great. She gets right to the workout and stays motivating  and fun throughout. The workouts and cardio DVDs are set up in circuits and quickly change from one move to the next, so you never get bored. Also, 30 minutes seems like a perfect amount of time to get my workout in. It’s long enough that I definitely get a good sweat on, but short enough that it’s seems to be finished within a flash.

Following the meal plan wasn’t too bad either. I’m sure that it helped being super busy yesterday. From a birthday party to grocery shopping and running errands; I never really had time to sit and think about eating.


These first 7 days are super strict and rigid, but after this week the meal plan will include a much larger variety of food. For this week there are three options for each; breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. On the meal plan you can mix and match meals, like a breakfast for a different breakfast or snack for another snack, but you can’t swap meals between “meal types” for example- no breakfast for dinner. The only thing on the meal plan that I’m not down with eating is the steak for dinner….I just do not like steak. My plan is to sub chicken for the steak.

meal plan

Here’s a look at my meal plan for the week…..

Breakfast- Eggs with avocado, bacon and tomato; Spinach eggs with smoked salmon; or Greek yogurt with almonds

Lunch- Chicken with vegetable soup; Chef salad; or Grilled salmon citrus salad

Snack- Hummus and veggies; Greek yogurt with pecans; or almond butter stuffed celery stalks

Dinner- Steak Chicken with Greek salad; Southwest Turkey Burgers with roasted Brussels sprouts and carrots; or Rosemary citrus tilapia with spinach salad


Something to think about….

Are you meal planning or prepping today? What’s one thing on your meal plan for the week?

How’s your weekend? Have you done anything fun, so far?

Steak- love it or hate it?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! See you back here tomorrow for Marvelous in my Monday!