Happy, happy, HAPPY Friday to all of you!! Is it just me or did this week draaaaaggggg on just a bit? Also, happy February!! How did that happen?

I have an extra special Link Love post for you today….I have to say, I came across some awesome stuff this past week. Grab a delicious treat, get comfy and enjoy!!


It is so fun seeing things that you had forgotten about from my childhood. All of you children from the 90’s will love this short video. Oregon Trail still rocks!!

Random acts of kindness Have you ever driven up to the window at Starbucks to pay, only to find out that your order had already been paid for?

Kristen at Iowagirleats.com has a great post that I look forward to ever Friday, called Friday Favorites. She always finds the coolest stuff from fashion to pets to food. Definitely worth a looksie!!

I have my own Spinach Pancake recipe that I love, but Kristina’s Spinach Pancakes look so awesome for making sandwiches. Why have I never thought of this?

spinach pancakes

I have wanted to try giving homemade almond milk a try for awhile now; and last week I came across Angela’s step-by-step tutorial for homemade almond milk. I seriously cannot wait to give this a try; and I will also be sure to let you guys know how it goes.


Sherry’s story absolutely shakes me to the core. As a fellow female runner that frequently runs alone; this story really made me think seriously about my safety while running. In honor of Sherry, a virtual race will take place on February 9th. Visit Sherry’s cousin Beth’s blog at shutupandrun.net for details on the virtual race and a link to print your bib.

Danielle’s Paleo Banana Cashew Butter Brownies totally include all of my very favorite ingredients. I will be whipping up another batch of snickerdoodle cashew butter and I am so making these this weekend!!


After trying the Paleo diet (strictly) for 30 days, I was more than ready to not be so strict about my food. I had planned on posting my thoughts about the diet afterward, but I never could seem to put my thoughts down in a way that truly expressed how I felt about the diet. This week Claire shared her feelings about the Paleo diet in a post titled, “Why Paleo Wasn’t for Me“. When I read the post, it was all of my thoughts and experiences on the diet in writing and I just have to share a very honest and relatable post {at least for me}. At times, I do really still enjoy cooking and eating Paleo, but I hate to think I can’t have this or that because it’s not on the Paleo diet. Everyone is different, but a diet that excludes foods that (in my opinion) are healthy, just isn’t for me.

I’m always up for a challenge and I can’t wait to begin the Healthy sELF Challenge, starting February 4th! This challenge is brought to you by the same bloggers (The Lean Green Bean and Nutritionella) that brought you the ELF Challenge; which I really regret not participating in. I’m in this time….how about you?


Also, don’t forget about the 28-day blog challenge that starts today! If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to spruce up your blog, this is the perfect place to start.


Lots of challenges going on this month! One other is the #plantPOWER challenge, hosted by two lovely ladies, Kasie at powercakes.net and Heather at fortheloveofkale.com. It’s all about getting as many plant-based foods into your diet as you can and I love the alphabet theme! I’ve got today covered with my daily apple and I may add some asparagus and artichokes to the menu!

Yesterday for breakfast, I gave Amanda’s eggy banana oats a try and loved them. They were super creamy and had the perfect consistency. I used 1/4 cup of steel-cut oats because I didn’t have any bran and I topped my oats with blueberries, blackberries and almond butter. I also really liked that I got some added protein from the egg white….these oats kept me full for about 3-1/2 hours!


Something to think about……

Have you ever tried eggy oats? What did you think about them?

Are you up for the 28-day blog challenge? How about the Healthy sELF Challenge? #plantPOWER challenge?

Have you ever followed the Paleo lifestyle or completed a Paleo challenge? Or are you currently following the Paleo lifestyle?

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!