So, I’ve got a secret that I haven’t referred to much on the blog. I’ve went back and forth about writing this post at all. The motivating factor to push publish is how WONDERFUL my secret is and I can’t just go on keeping you guys in the dark. If one of the blogs I read regularly, was keeping quiet about something so great that could potentially help me, I would be hurt.

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The main reason for staying so hush, hush for several months is that I don’t want Kim’s Cravings to come across as spammy or unauthentic. I knew I would need to be careful about the way I shared this awesomeness. I’m well aware, this is a food blog and most people are here to grab a yummy recipe and be on their way. However, it’s mostly all women visiting this little space. Lots of women just like myself that sometimes feel self-conscious about their bodies and out of control about their eating habits. You are not alone.

This Israeli Salad With Red Bell Vinaigrette is so pretty, colorful, refreshing and zesty. Essentially summer in a bowl!

Here’s the deal…. Back in August, after struggling and failing to find a way to get lean before my July vacation to Punta Cana, I found a new-to-me way of eating and exercising. I will be honest with you, this is not for the faint of heart. I’ve been eating mostly clean and exercising for a good 6 years. I’ll also take that one step further and let you know that I don’t fall off of the bandwagon often. I never take more than a couple of days break from some form of working out and even though I splurge here and there, I never go all out crazy for days on end.

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It sounds like I was doing all of the right things. The truth is, to get lean and still enjoy fun foods, there is a science behind what and when we are eating and how we are using that fuel to burn fat. Here’s the part of the post that I introduce to you my game-changer – The FASTer Way to Fat Loss has been my saving grace and it can be your’s too.

Flourless Pumpkin Protein Pancakes are perfect for autumn, so scrumptious, beyond easy to make and they have a great nutrition profile! (gluten-free & dairy-free)

Do any of the following describe you?
  • A couple of hours after eating, you are hungry again
  • You struggle to lose weight
  • You are holding on to belly fat
  • You experience spikes in energy, followed quickly by crashes
If so, then it is likely that you are a sugar burner as opposed to a fat burner.

Sugar burners eat small meals throughout the day that are often high in carbs. Because of this, their bodies use glucose as its main fuel source. When you give your body a steady stream of glucose, it is never required to reach into its fat stores for fuel. This means, you hold onto fat and burn the glucose that comes from the foods you are eating. In addition, your body becomes reliant on carbs for energy, so when your body runs out of carbs, you crash and need to eat more to keep your energy levels up.

Sugar burners often eat foods that are high in sugar, which spikes their insulin levels only to have those levels eventually bottom out.  When your insulin levels are raised, your body goes into fat storage mode. This can negatively affect your fat regulating hormones. High insulin levels block leptin levels, which means that your brain will likely have trouble registering when it is full. This obviously leads to overeating and eventual weight gain.
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Let’s compare this to fat burners.

Fat burners:

  • Can go hours between meals without feeling hungry
  • Have increased energy levels
  • Can lose weight around their midsection
  • Don’t experience sugar spikes and crashes

Fat burners still eat carbs, but they do so at the right time, for the right reasons, in terms of fueling a workout. Intermittent fasting aids in the process of becoming a fat burner because it allows your insulin levels to remain low during your fasted window. Because you aren’t giving your body a steady stream of glucose, it is then able to reach into its fat stores to begin using fat as fuel. You won’t experience the crashes that come with spiked insulin levels, and will be able to listen to your body’s hunger and satiety cues.

Bake these, eat these for breakfast or dessert, share these, save these all for yourself. But simply don’t pass up making them – these Gluten-Free Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies are too good to miss out on.

A couple of other things to consider…

Pairing an Intermittent Fasting/Carb Cycling Lifestyle with weight training and speed burst training will increase your body’s fat burning abilities. The more lean muscle you have, the more efficiently your body will burn fat. So, building lean muscle will only bring you closer to becoming a pro-fat burner. In addition, when you do high intensity intervals, your body goes into oxygen debt and has to work harder to repay that oxygen debt. This means your body will need more energy to recover. When you haven’t pumped your body full of glucose, your body will dig deep into its fat stores for that energy. During the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program we do regular fasted speed burst training.

You guys know I have a thing for pumpkin. But nothing can satisfy my pumpkin cravings like my Grandma's Pumpkin Pie Dessert Squares aka my family's VERY favorite dessert. Seriously so yum!

If this sounds a little overwhelming to you, and you need someone to walk you through this, I highly recommend you sign up for Amanda’s January 16th bootcamp. Since August, this year, I’ve had GREAT success participating in Amanda Tress’ bootcamps. I love them so much and they have been such a motivator for me, I’ve already signed up for the January 9th bootcamp. This will be my 4th bootcamp in a row. Why change what’s workin’?!

My results have been pretty awesome. I’m actually starting to see that I do have ab muscles! I’m about 5’2″ and I’ve went from weighing 128 to 114 pounds, since the first of August.


Everything in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program is designed to help you burn fat so that you look and feel your absolute best. Amanda has had hundreds of women go through her program, and they are all singing its praises! Spots fill up quickly, so be sure to grab yours asap. I’ve already got mine and if you’re serious about giving this bootcamp a go, I would sign up today. Spots are limited and she has very few left.

This program combines cutting edge nutritional strategies, with intentional, focused workouts to help you shed the fat you’ve been trying to get rid of for the last few years.

What can you expect….

From Amanda, you will receive:

  • Detailed instructions
  • Approved foods list
  • Enjoy a Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free lifestyle
  • Enjoy clean eating with plenty of fresh fruits & veggies, lean proteins and healthy carbs
  • Detailed workout plan w/home and gym options
  • Daily check-ins via a private Facebook group
  • Daily support & guidance from Amanda (your certified personal trainer)

Amanda guarantees you will find the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program to be the most effective program on the market today. Six weeks of implementing these strategies will have you well on your way to becoming a pro-fat burner for life. If you’re not satisfied, she will gladly give you your money back, no questions asked.  It’s time to find those abs, your energy, and your confidence.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!

For those of you just here for the food, I’ll see you back here tomorrow for an amazing Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Muffin recipe. Even on low-carb day, yesterday, I still was able to stay within my macros and enjoy a muffin. 🙂

These cozy Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Muffins, bursting with warm gingerbread flavor and studded with sweet chocolate chips, are truly the epitome of Christmas morning yumminess!

P.S. All food pictured are meals and snacks that I’ve enjoyed while participating in the program!