Signing up with Stitch Fix was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I swear I feel like it’s Christmas morning when I see that box on my doorstep. It’s so much fun and I usually end up keeping all five items! Since I typically receive an awesome Fix, I wanted to share what I’ve learned along the way.

Tips for getting your best Fix from Stitch Fix

If you’d like to learn more about what Stitch Fix actually is, read my first Stitch Fix post.

My tips for getting the best Fix-

Get a great Fix? Jot down the name of the stylist from your personalized note card and be sure when giving feedback you specifically request that person again to style your next fix. Tiffany better never quit working for Stitch Fix, just sayin’!

I've received another Stitch Fix shipment and I'm so anxious to share it with you. If you can't tell from my enthusiasm, it was a total winner!

Be very specific when filling out the style profile and, if needed, periodically go back to update it. After losing a few pounds I went back in and updated my sizes and a few other options because I was noticing some of the tops sent were fitting a little large. I loved the top below, but it was just a too big.

Ribbon Blouse ($38ish) Stitch Fix #3

Pin, pin, pin! Tiffany is great about going back and looking at my “My Style” Pinterest board. Also, I frequently peruse the Stitch Fix Pinterest boards and pin items I see that I’d like to have in my Fix. I try to make my own notations in the pins too. Be sure to update as the seasons change!

stitch fix pinterest board

After a Stitch Fix shipment, be sure to leave detailed feedback giving your thoughts on the pieces you’ve received when you check out. This is what Stitch Fix recommends on their blog-

  • Tell us WHY: In order to style you the best we can, we need to know why you did or did not like something. Be specific. Instead of saying “This was not my style,” elaborate with “I didn’t like the fit because it’s not flattering on my midsection.” Other suggestions include color, pattern, fabric and size.
  • Try an ‘If’ Statement: Fill in the blank: “This would’ve worked if________.” Often times we send pieces that were close to working but needed minor tweaks. Let us know what would’ve been better so we can fix it (pun intended) the next time around.

Stitch Fix #2

Try EVERYTHING on! I’ve received several pieces that looked not so great in the box, but when I tried them on and paired the pieces with things I already own, I ended up really liking some of them. On the other hand, I’ve thought some items look so cute in the box, but then they end up not fitting right. When I first pulled the dress below out of the box, I loved it. However, it just didn’t fit right and made my backside look entirely too wide.

Brixon Ivy (between $68 & $88)

Stitch Fix has superb customer service. Don’t be afraid to make requests if things don’t go your way with a Fix. The shirt I’m wearing below, from this past summer, had a very small hole in the lace… bummer. I loved the shirt so much I decided to just ask if they would exchange it. I received my replacement a couple of days later. I’ve also heard from others that, if possible, they will exchange items that don’t fit. I’ve also heard that if you receive horrible fix, they may be able to do a redo… no guarantees.

My favorite "Fix" item- the Renee C Shelton Split Back Top.

When you schedule a fix, there’s an option to leave a note for your stylist. In this notes section, you can request a specific stylist, you can request a particular item or piece, you can also let them know you have a particular event coming up that you are looking for something to wear.

For example, I had two very important events, recently- my sister’s wedding and daughter’s baby shower. I got so many compliments on the cute dress my stylist sent for my sister’s wedding- see below.

And after coming across many sweaters, on Pinterest, with patches on the elbow, I let my stylist know that this is not my style. 🙂

The Geneva Dress ($128) was the perfect little number to wear to my sister's wedding!

Get in on the fun- click on the box below to see what all the fuss is about and fill out your own style profile!

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Something to think about….

Have you tried Stitch Fix?

Do you have any tips, that you follow for getting your best fix?

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