Welcome to Friday, friends! I’m really not all that excited because, for me, that just means one less day of Spring Break left.

Let’s get straight to the facts…..

Fact is….I now know why these Quest Bars are all the rage. I’ve only tasted the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough…..DE.LI.CIOUS! Landen and Madelyn both approved too! That’s Madelyn below eating a warmed up Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bar.

quest Collage

It is a fact, that I’m sick of Madelyn being sick. She’s been sick since Monday afternoon. While we were on our way to buy Madelyn some new tennis shoes, she started feeling sick. Sure enough when we stepped foot out of the car to go into the store, she got sick. Luckily, she hasn’t been nauseated sick since Monday, but she’s had a fever off and on with a cough since. I feel so sorry for her because she’s missed out on several days of riding her horse and a girls’ day we were supposed to have yesterday with some friends. On a positive note, at least since we haven’t had to go to school there wasn’t any worrying about who was going to stay home and take care of her. Fact is, her shoes are pretty darn cool. Don’t you agree?


It is a fact that I’m really liking my audible book of The Fault in our Stars. I’ll do an official review later this month, but so far, so good.

the fault in our stars

It is a fact that, my new Cooking Light magazine came in the mail yesterday and it has some really great looking recipes in it. I’m anxious to cook some new things up. Hopefully, something will be blog worthy and I can share!


It is definitely a fact that this beastly salad that I had for dinner last night, not only tasted amazing, but was SUPER filling. A normal nighttime snack was NOT needed. In the {mixing} bowl went mixed greens, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, kabocha squash, clementine, chicken and TJ’s low fat Parmesan Ranch Dressing.


Fact is, I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Do you? Even though I don’t celebrate, it still might be fun to go along with the theme and cook up some green foods. Plus green foods are good for you foods. Here are a few green foods on the blog that you might be interested in. I think I’m going to have to have some Green Monster Pancakes for the occasion!

green monster pancakes

Green Monster Pancakes
Spinach Bacon Quiche
Green Monster Breakfast Scramble
Arugula Pesto Wraps
Super Simple Summer Quiche
Brown Butter Roasted Brussels sprouts with Pecans
Avocado Hummus

Something to think about….. 

Ever had a Quest Bar? If not, you should definitely check them out. I’ll have a full review up tomorrow and I’m hoping to successfully incorporate a bar into a recipe. I’ll let you know if it works.

Any fun plans this weekend?

Are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday?

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!