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Happy 2015! Two days down and 363 days to go. Did you make New Year’s resolutions or better, yet, New Year’s goals this year? I’ve made a few blog related New Year’s goals and some fitness related goals, too. Even though I’ve done a pretty good job of getting my workout on, this past year, it’s always extra motivating to have something new to work towards. My Fitness Goals for 2015 are basically just a progression of my fitness goals from 2014.

Fitness Goals for 2015


Fitness Goals for 2015

    • New strength training workouts- In 2014, I wanted to include more strength training in my exercise regimen. This past year, I’ve consistently been strength training about 3-4 days a week with some light running mixed in (except on leg day, days that I strength train I run about 3 miles). I get full cardio in on the other 1-2 days a week, typically with a 6 to 7 mile run. I feel pretty good about continuing this schedule through 2015. However, I do want to keep things interesting and when I work legs, for example, I do the same exercises each week. I know I need to vary things, but it sure is easy just doing what I already know. I plan to look up new workouts and make new weekly workout plans. Jamie Eason is a great resource. Changing up things in the gym will not only be more fun, it will also be much better for my body. Gotta keep those muscles guessing!
    • Increase my running speed- Because I increased my strength training workouts, my running workouts decreased significantly from what I was running in 2013. If you weren’t reading in 2013- I was running A LOT and training for a full marathon. This year, I would like to shift my focus from high mileage to faster speed. I plan to set small goals each week. For example, next week I’d like to run 7 miles in no more than one hour. Depending on how difficult that is for me, the next week I’ll decrease the amount of time, like 7 miles in 55 minutes. Some research shows that listening to music with a fast tempo can actually increase your running speed. However, there are also contradictory studies showing that music doesn’t necessarily help a person run fast, but instead motivates them to keep running. I’ll have you know, I’ve compared my running with and without music and I’m able to go much faster with music. So….

I’ll be using my new Intel SMS BioSport Headphones for some major gym motivation in 2015! These earbuds are too cool! I’ve owned quite a few different brands of headphones and these are by far the best! They include advanced technology features to deliver a high-quality audio experience while gathering actionable data on your workout. The heart rate monitoring headphones integrate biometric sensors for fitness data collection – allowing users to track goals and progress to achieve peak physical performance.

Fitness Goals for 2015

The in-ear headphones feature an ear-wing design that sits deeper in the ear canal for continuous, real-time heart rate monitoring. Fusing fitness with technology, the built-in sensor continuously measures heart rate while dynamically removing noise signals caused by the body’s motion during a workout. There’s no need for charging and they’re also super durable with sweat and water protection.

Tips for Sticking with your Fitness Goals

If you believe you will, you will reach your 2015 goals! Here’s a few tips to keep in mind as you smash your way through an awesome year full of successes!

  • Set realistic, specific goals- Your goal should be more specific than “eating healthy”. If your goals are too broad, you may find ways to waver from the mindset that will actually help you reach your goal. There are too many things that fit into the category of eating healthy. You have to be able to measure your goal to truly track progress. So instead of “eating healthy”, how about eat at least 5 vegetable servings 6 days per week?
  • Be all in- Stay focused on the goals you have set for yourself. You may goof up a couple of days, but don’t let a couple of days completely undo all of the hard work you’ve put in.
  • Focus on small, gradual changes- Be prepared and plan the changes you will make the first week. After the first week, you can make changes according to how things went. You may need to tweak your goals as you go and that’s okay.
  • Find support- having a buddy to hold you accountable is a good kind of peer pressure. It’s also fun and motivating to have someone to work with you toward a goal.
  • Track progress and reward yourself for small successes- Keeping track of your progress is important for reminding yourself of the end-goal and it will let you know what’s working and what’s not. Treating yourself for small victories along the way is ultra motivating and can have big rewards in the end.

Good luck with whatever goals you’ve set for yourself this year!! Let’s all vow to make 2015 the best year, yet!

Intel SMS Audio BioSport Headphones

Just a few things I’m loving about the SMS Audio BioSport Headphones and how I use them for my workout:

  1. These headphones have a beautiful sleek design and come with a carrying case. This is perfect for keeping in my purse, so there’s no misplacing the ear buds or having them get all tangled up.
  2. Super comfortable no slip ear gels stay put even when things get sweaty.
  3. Slide the heart icon to the on position to monitor your heart rate on the Runkeeper app.
  4. The blue headphones go perfectly with my blue phone… win-win. The SMS headphones also come in grey and yellow. Plug the headphone jack into your phone and open the Runkeeper app to start your run.
  5. Notice the arrow? That’s the heart rate display. Please note- I just finished my 7 miles and was simply playing with the app and headphones. I promise my heart rate is not 158, 38 seconds into a run!

If you’re as excited as I was to purchase these bad boys, you can do exactly what I did and head over to I’m Amazon Prime and received these a day or two after ordering them.

Intel SMS Audio BioSport Headphones

Invest in your own pair of SMS BioSport Headphones from and get 20% off, now through January 31, 2015 with code–> BioSport20 (US only). With the purchase of SMS BioSport Headphones you’ll also get one free month of the app, Runkeeper Elite!

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Something to think about….

I’ve shared my fitness related goals for the new year; have you set any fitness related goals for 2015?

How do you plan on meeting your 2015 fitness goal(s)?

Have you tried the Runkeeper app or Intel SMS BioSport Headphones?

I hope you all have the MOST fabulous year ever!!!