My husband and I are were having a conversation yesterday about which part of the egg is the most nutritious. He said the yolk and I wasn’t quite convinced, so I looked it up and sure enough he was right….{this time}.


I found this very helpful chart over at


1 egg white1 egg yolk
Total fat (g)05
Saturated fat (g)02
Cholesterol (mg)0210
Sodium (mg)558
Carbs (g)01
Fiber (g)00
Sugars (g)00
Protein (g)43
Vitamin A (IU)0245
Vitamin B12 (mcg)00.3
Vitamin D (IU)018.2
Calcium (mg)2.321.9
Folate (mcg)1.324.8
Potassium (g)53.818.5
Selenium (mcg)6.69.5
Omega-3s (mg)038.8

 When I eat eggs, I typically cook up 1 whole egg with 2 egg whites. I think this is pretty good- I’m getting all of the nutrition from the egg plus extra protein with lower calories from the egg whites. I would definitely not suggest only eating egg whites, if you do, you’re really missing out.


And now to this week’s meal plan, brought to by two very lovely ladies from  Mommy Run Fast and Fitness, Health, and Happiness. Head on over to check out more meal planning inspiration.


Well it’s two weeks until Destin, so I’m going to try to lower my carbs just a bit to prepare for hanging out on the beach!

Breakfasts- smoothies, omelets and egg scrambles

Lunches- massaged kale salads, salad with veggie burger

Dinners- salads, roasted veggies with chicken or fish, taco salad

I’m off for a day of shopping with my oldest daughter. Brad is taking the other two kiddos to the lake with some friends. I have the day off on Monday and I’m hoping to work on a couple of recipe ideas, so be looking for some new recipes coming this next week.

Something to think about…..

Any fun plans this holiday weekend?

If you eat eggs, do you eat yolks, whites or both?

What are a few things on the meal plan, for you, this week?

Enjoy this holiday weekend and please take time to remember the reason for the holiday.