Summer is a busy and fun time of the year! If your family is anything like mine, you have plenty of vacations, outdoor activities, and family get togethers planned. A DIY Summer Travel First Aid Kit is a lifesaver to have on hand just in case your fun takes a turn for the worse.

I teamed up with Kroger to share this idea for a DIY Summer Travel First Aid Kit. As always, all opinions are my own.

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We have just recently booked several summer trips – one to San Francisco and one to Alaska. Yes, Alaska. I’m super excited, but I also know from experience that fun times don’t always go as planned and it’s a good idea to be prepared for little hiccups along the way.

After my first daughter was born and we started to venture off on family vacations, I quickly learned how important it is to create a DIY Summer Travel First Aid Kit. We pack everything from bandages and wraps to sunscreen and Pedialyte. You guys know, Kroger is my go-to for grocery shopping, but they’re also a one stop shop when it comes to getting organized for an active and safe summer.

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Before Preparing Your Own Travel First Aid Kit:

  • Remember everyone’s travel first aid kit will look a bit different. Be sure to include things you most typically use or know you may need.
  • Consulting with your doctor can be super helpful. They know your family’s medical history and can give lots of good advice.
  • Seek advice from your local pharmacists for all your OTC questions. They are a great resource to provide what are effective summer essentials.
  • Keep in mind your upcoming destinations. What you take may be different depending on where you’re going.

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In My DIY Summer Travel First Aid Kit, I Include:

⋙ Pain Medicine ⋘

Whatever you normally take for muscle pain, headaches, etc. should be included. I personally have ibuprofen and acetaminophen in my first aid kit. Don’t forget to include both adult and children options, if needed.

⋙ Diarrhea Essentials ⋘

Traveler’s diarrhea is terrible! You may think you’ll never need it, but an anti-diarrheal medicine is really smart to include. I also recommend bringing along Emergen-C packets. They are great for replenishing electrolytes back into your system. Plus, they give you different vitamin and mineral boosts depending on the type you purchase.

⋙ Anti-Nausea Medicine ⋘

Food poisoning can happen anytime, but can be especially horrible while traveling. It’s best to have some kind of anti-nausea medication in your kit. It can also be helpful for flu-like illnesses, bugs or even hangovers.

⋙ Heartburn + Gas Relief ⋘

While traveling, you’ll most likely be eating richer foods than you’re used to and Tums can work wonders for soothing any heartburn that may pop up. The gas relief is great of those days you feel gross and bloated. Let’s be real, we’ve all had them.

⋙ Cold + Sinus / Allergy Relief ⋘

I’ve caught a cold before while traveling, and believe me, it wasn’t fun. I definitely like to be prepared and nip those nagging colds in the bud. Allergies can be so miserable too. So be sure to bring some non-drowsy allergy relief.

⋙Bandages / Antibacterial Cream ⋘

These are perfect for cuts and scrapes that happen along the way. It’s great to have an antibacterial cream, like Neosporin, just to make sure that they don’t turn into something bigger.

⋙ Feminine Products  ⋘

Ladies, we have a unique set of issues to deal with and, let me tell you, you want to be prepared for those. You’ll want to include something to help with cramping (although, I typically just use previously mentioned ibuprofen), feminine products (tampons can be hard to find in certain places of the world), and yeast infection medicine.

⋙Anti-Itch Cream

Bug bites. Poison Ivy. Enough said. Ha!

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Other Things to Remember:

  • Are you going to be in high altitudes? Bring medicine for that!
  • How long are you traveling? Do you have prescriptions that you may need to get filled before leaving?
  • Can you easily find these items abroad? If I know I’m going be in the middle of nowhere for an extended period of time, I’ll pick up extra products. Like medical wrap and gauze. Just in case.
  • Don’t forget your vaccinations! Your doctor and local pharmacists can help you determine what is recommended depending on where you’ll be going. Also, you might want to call around to price these.
  • Keep all of your medications with the original labeling, otherwise they may not make it through customs.

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It would be great to think, you’ll never have to use any of these things, but the reality is, you probably will. Nothing is worse than getting ready to embark on a long bus ride and have a headache, diarrhea or nausea. You will thank yourself again and again for being prepared! Grab a coupon for $3 off Ensure multi-packs; $2 off two Pedialytes; $.40 off Kroger bandages!


Is there something I’m missing from my travel first aid kit? Have you ever had an experience where you wish you had brought something with you? Comment below and give other readers ideas of what to pack in their DIY Summer Travel First Aid Kit.  

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