This easy cinnamon roll microwave mug cake recipe is made with just eight simple ingredients you probably have in your pantry right now. It’s the perfect treat when you’re craving a little something sweet. In just over a minute, you can be indulging in a scrumptious, moist, single-sized cinnamon roll flavored cake. Just because this cake’s made in the microwave, doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious!

Cinnamon Roll Microwave Mug Cake in white mug and a spoonful of cake to the side

OMG, you guys. This cinnamon roll microwave mug cake recipe has become one of my family’s favorite quick and easy desserts to make.

A simple, healthier treat, yet incredibly moist, easy, and the best single-serving dessert out there (to share or not to share)! Mug cake for one or two!

Microwavable mug cakes are so convenient, especially if you live in a dorm and don’t have access to an oven or you just don’t want to fire it up.

You likely have ALL the ingredients in your pantry right now! Perfect for when you get that late night craving. Or want a small batch dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth (and not whip out a giant baking pan to make brownies to nip that craving). This mug dessert IS FOR YOU!! If you haven’t made this yet, you are 100% missing out.

If you’re looking at a delicious and easy way to serve cinnamon roll goodness to a crowd, try my Cinnamon Roll Casserole. It’s also an effortless recipe to throw together, but definitely decadent and not as healthy as this mug cake. Let’s get to all of the delicious details!

mixing mug cake ingredients in a white mug with a small bowl of cinnamon on the side

All the reasons to love this recipe!

Seriously though, you’re probably so over mug cakes and you’re probably rolling your eyes at me right now, but STOP! I promise you, this isn’t like any other mug cake out there. Read all of the POSITIVE reviews in the comment section. Here’s one:

amazing! this is absolutely delicious! i think i might keep a mix of this ready to go, cause i can see myself wanting to make one every morning!

— Sparrow

I’ve tried a bunch of mug cakes and I wasn’t a fan.

I thought they were a really neat concept for a quick dessert fix, but nothing would ever beat baking an entire cake or cupcake. I hated that all the mug cakes came out SPONGY and they had the grossest texture. But not this one! I feel like the secret to a light, tender, amazing texture in mug cakes comes from leaving out the eggs. That’s right! No egg in this recipe. It’s not only easier to make without an egg, but it turns out so much tastier! And it’s super easy to make vegan.

Even my picky kiddos loved this single-serve mug cake recipe. They’re such huge fans, we’ve already made this more times than I could count. Even for a special breakfast treat! This has all of the classic flavors of your favorite cinnamon roll, but without any of the rolling and waiting!

mug cake in a white mug with cinnamon topping swirled on top

Ingredients needed:

One of the best things about this mug cake recipe is that it’s made with basic ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Flour. For best results, use either all-purpose flour or Kodiak Cakes pancake mix. I’m sure other pancake mixes would be great substitutes too!
  • Baking powder. To give the cake a bit of a rise. If you’re using a pancake mix, you won’t need this ingredient because it’s already included in the mix.
  • Milk. I use unsweetened vanilla almond, cashew milk or coconut milk, but any milk variety will work fine.
  • Maple syrup. For the perfect amount of sweetness. If you don’t have maple syrup, you can use granulated sugar or brown sugar, but may need a bit more milk for consistency. Or you could use honey.
  • Vanilla extract. Gives this treat a boost of flavor!
  • Oil or butter. A small amount of oil or butter will ensure that this has the perfect moist texture.
  • Brown sugar + cinnamon. Swirled into the top for that classic cinnamon roll flavor! If you don’t have brown sugar, regular granulated sugar will work in a pinch.

How to make this recipe

This healthy mug cake recipe could not be easier! If you don’t believe me, watch the video tutorial located in the recipe card. Here’s the simple process:

  1. Prep the mug. Start by greasing a microwavable mug with cooking spray, butter or oil.
  2. Combine cake ingredients. Mix together flour (or pancake mix), baking powder, milk, maple syrup, vanilla and oil (or melted butter) inside the mug. Add 1-2 tablespoons more of milk, if needed for consistency. You want the batter to stay thick, but not be too dry. Alternatively, ingredients can be stirred together in a small bowl and then transferred to the mug.
  3. Cinnamon/sugar topping. Whisk together the brown sugar and cinnamon in a separate small bowl. Sprinkle the mixture over the top of the batter, in the mug. Use the tip of a knife to swirl the cinnamon mixture into the top of the batter. (See above photo.)
  4. Bake. Microwave on high for about 1 minute and 25 seconds. Remove the mug from the microwave and, if desired, transfer to a plate. Be careful as the mug will most likely be SUPER hot. Enjoy!

Pro tip: Don’t over-mix your cake batter! Mix until all ingredients are just combined. Over-mixing can cause this to become tough.

Cinnamon Roll Microwave Mug Cake in a white mug with a silver spoon on the side

Frequently asked questions

What is a mug cake?

I still seem to get this question a lot and a mug cake is literally as it sounds. A cake that is made in a mug! It’s great because you don’t need to whip out a bunch of tools to make this simple dessert recipe. Just pop it in the microwave and it’s done in a matter of minutes!

Can this mug muffin be made in the oven?

I personally have not cooked this particular mug cake recipe in the oven. Feel free to experiment, though, and give it a try. Based on some other similar recipes, if I were going to try this one in the oven, I would bake at 350ºF for about 14 minutes. If you give it a try, please comment on this post and let us know how it worked out for you.

Why are mug cakes chewy?

A few reasons why your mug cake might become chewy when cooked is overcooking the batter in the microwave or adding too much liquid. Start with the minimum cooking time, test for doneness, and add a few more seconds as needed.

Can I make this gluten free?

This mug cake totally works using gluten-free pancake mix! Here’s what one reader had to say:
“Just have to let you know that this was wonderful! I am gluten-free and egg-free so I used Pamela’s Pancake mix and left out the baking powder – WONDERFUL! The taste was great and so so easy. I had some leftover powdered sugar frosting so I put a dollop of that on top when it was still warm. JUST LIKE A CINNAMON ROLL.” ~ Ashley

Flavor variations

This sweet snack is pretty perfect as-is, but there are lots of ways to change it up and customize the recipe based on what you’re craving. Here are some tasty options:

  • Cinnamon roll icing. Enjoy this cinnamon roll mug cake with icing, just like a REAL cinnamon roll! Stir 2 tablespoons powdered sugar with 1 tsp milk (plus more as needed) until smooth.
  • Pancake mix flavors. Pancake mixes come in lots of different fun flavors. Change things up and use a different flavor. Depending on what flavor you use, you may want to change up the cinnamon/sugar topping.
  • Birthday mug cake. Leave the cinnamon/sugar topping off, add sprinkles and serve with Funfetti frosting and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. You could also swap the vanilla extract for cake batter extract, if you happen to have some.
  • Coffee cake version. Make the cake as instructed, but instead of adding the cinnamon/sugar topping, add a streusel topping. Mix 1 tablespoon melted butter, 1 1/2 tablespoons all-purpose flour, 1 tablespoon brown sugar, 1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon and 1/8 teaspoon salt. Sprinkle the streusel over the batter and press gently with your fingers. Then, bake as directed.

More add-in options

  • Small scoop of Nutella, almond butter or peanut butter
  • Jam or jelly (or other fun spread)
  • Chocolate chips (or other flavored baking chips)
  • Coconut
  • Nuts
  • Sprinkles
microwave mug cake recipe in a white mug with a bite taken out

Expert tips

This mug cake recipe is really straight-forward and easy to make, but here are a few tips so your dessert or snack is perfect every time!

  • Different microwaves can vary in power and how fast they cook, so the first time you make this recipe, you’ll need to experiment a bit to make sure that the cook time is the correct length of baking time. At least, even if it comes out undercooked, there’s no need to worry about raw eggs!
  • How long to cook? When I make this, it’s done to my preference in one minute and 25 seconds at 100% power. If you’re new to making mug cakes, check the cake after one minute and you can always add time.
  • Oil or butter. I typically make the cake using oil, so I don’t have to worry about melting the butter. If you’d like to use butter, feel free to use unsalted or salted butter.
  • What type of mug? A mug with straight sides is best to ensure that the cake bakes evenly. I use a microwave-safe 14-ounce mug, which is a great size to allow the dough to rise up while baking without overflowing. (You can fill your mug with water and then pour the water into a measuring cup to determine its capacity.)
  • Alternatives to a mug. If you don’t happen to have microwave-safe mug, try using any of the following: small porcelain ramekin, small ceramic bowl, small glass prep or mise bowl.
  • Be careful when removing from the microwave. Your mug will most likely be VERY hot. Use a hot pad or oven mitt when removing it from the microwave.
cinnamon mug cake in a white mug with silver spoon in the cake

This mug cake recipe is my go-to when I want a perfectly portioned, tasty sweet treat! Use Kodiak Cakes pancake mix and this mug cake is healthy enough to enjoy for breakfast or a snack! And feel free to experiment – replace the cinnamon swirl topping with mini chocolate chips or sprinkles.

More easy dessert recipes

If you try this, let me know! Leave a comment and if your family loves it as much as mine does, be sure to give it a five star ⭐️ rating! Also, tag @kimscravings on Instagram with a picture of your creation. It’s so fun to see what you’re cooking! Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to receive more healthy delicious recipes straight to your inbox.

cinnamon roll microwave mug cake in a white mug with one spoonful taken out
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Cinnamon Roll Microwave Mug Cake

This easy cinnamon roll microwave mug cake is the perfect treat when you’re craving a little something sweet!
Author: Kim


  • 1/4 cup all-purpose flour or Kodiak Cakes pancake mix*
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 2 tablespoons unsweetened vanilla almond milk or other milk + 1-2 tablespoons more, as needed
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon oil or melted butter**
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar or coconut sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon


  • Spray a microwavable mug with cooking spray and then mix together flour (or pancake mix), baking powder, milk, maple syrup, vanilla and oil (or melted butter) inside. Add 1-2 tablespoons more of milk, if needed for desired consistency. You want the batter to stay thick, but not dry.
  • In a small bowl, whisk together brown sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle over the top of the mixture in mug. Use the tip of a knife to swirl cinnamon mix into the top of the batter.
  • Microwave on high for about 1 minute and 25 seconds. Take out of the microwave and if desired transfer muffin to a plate. Enjoy!


*All-purpose flour or (my personal favorite) Kodiak Cakes Flapjack mix will yield the best results. I’ve also successfully used spelt flour. Other flours will likely work, but may change the texture of the cake. If using pancake mix, leave out the baking powder.
**Any oil or melted butter will work.
Please note that ALL microwaves are different therefore can yield different results and can overcook this mug cake if you aren’t careful. When trying this recipe for the first time, you might want to start with a 60-70 second cooking time at 100% power. 
No eggs? Correct. There are NO EGGS in this recipe. Why? Egg is what makes the mug cake spongy. If you think about it, when you bake a full-sized cake, you typically use 1 or 2 eggs… for a mug cake to use 1 egg is A LOT!
I’ve also enjoyed this mug cake without the brown sugar topping and with a little jam. Delicious either way!
Serving: 1mug cake, Calories: 262kcal, Carbohydrates: 48.5g, Protein: 4.2g, Fat: 5.8g, Saturated Fat: 4.5g, Cholesterol: 3mg, Sodium: 109.4mg, Fiber: 1.2g, Sugar: 22.6g

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