You guys know me and I cannot resist a survey. I’ve seen this one everywhere, but I think it was originally on Janae’s blog, at least that’s where I first saw it.

Things are getting really Christmassy around these parts, so let’s give it a go!

1. Favorite Christmas Album/CD/Song? Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD is an all time fave. I love almost every song on that CD! All time favorite Christmas song is “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. It gets me every time!




2. Run on Christmas morning or take the day off? As much as I love to run, that is just NOT happening! Particularly, because I’m always up late Christmas Eve putting things together, if you get my drift. Fortunately, this year I don’t have too much of that to do.



3. What do you usually eat on Christmas morning? My family pretty much enjoys the same delicious breakfast every year. My Mom usually makes a healthy, yet wonderful frittata and her famous breakfast casserole {a make-ahead egg bake}, we also have cinnamon rolls, little smokies and hashbrowns. Last year, she really out did herself and made one of the most awesome quiches I’ve ever had.

4. Favorite holiday or Christmas tradition? As a kid; my sister, brother and I always got to choose one gift to open on Christmas Eve. This was VERY exciting, let me tell you, I still have very vivid memories of some of the gifts. Remember when Troll dolls were popular? Haha…..that was one of the gifts that I was so excited to open up.

Now that I have my own family, we do things a little different. My husband’s family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve with lots of yummy snacks on hand. On Christmas, my mom always makes a huge breakfast and after eating we start in on the presents.

Some other traditions are baking Christmas cookies with the kids, seeing a Christmas show and pictures with Santa.
This is just before going in to the Nutcracker show.


5. Real tree, fake tree or no tree? No tree…..what? I always grew up with a fake tree and that is what my husband and I have. I like real trees for their character, but I don’t know that it’s worth the hassle.

6. Christmas pajamas… yay or nay? Christmas PJs are a must…..but only if I can wear them year round. 😉


7. Where do you spend the holidays? Brad’s family and my family live just a few minutes away, so on Christmas Eve we are always with Brad’s family and on Christmas we are always with mine. I know that I’m so lucky to not have to deal with travel or have to alternate families.

8. Food that you always have during the holiday season? Favorite Christmas food/treat? That’s a toughie! I make all of the sweets and my mom makes the breakfast and dinner. It’s all delicious, but I especially love the breakfast.


9. Open presents all at once or take turns? When we celebrate with Brad’s family it’s a free for all; which is fun and the kids enjoy. With my family we take turns and this is the way I like it. Like my mom says, “I go to a lot of trouble buying all of the gifts and I want to see everyone unwrap them”.  We always go youngest to oldest.

The Christmas craziness…..


10. Favorite Christmas(ish) movie? I absolutely love Elf. It is downright hilarious with a really sweet story. Polar Express is my all-time favorite… gives me warm fuzzies all over.

Something to think about…….

Choose one or all of the questions above and tell a little about your Christmas!