Hi all!

First off, I want to say…..Happy Happy Birthday to my beautiful dancing cowgirl that turns 7 today!!


It’s Wednesday and that means two more full work days until Spriiiiiinnnngggg Break! I’m just slightly anxious….can you tell? 😉

Wednesday also means “What I Ate Wednesday” and my leftovers are seriously getting me through.

As always, thanks to the lovely Jenn for hosting such a fun link-up party! The theme this month is “going green” and I totally greened up my lunch and dinner. Darnit….I should have made my Green Monster Pancakes for breakfast!

I wake up at 4:30 every week day morning. The first thing I do is brush my teeth and clean my face and then it’s coffee time. My first cup of coffee is enjoyed while listening to the radio, putting on my makeup, and fixing my hair. I’m out of Donut House k-cups, so I went with an off brand Hazlenut….not the best, not the worst.

I eat breakfast after I’m pretty much ready to go and that’s usually around 5:45. This morning I couldn’t decide on what I wanted {so unlike me}. Since I have sooooo much awesome Chobani in my fridge; I decided to go with a yogurt bowl. In the bowl was about 3/4 cup Black Cherry Chobani, spoonful of Marnatha almond butter, Bob’s Red Mill shredded coconut, Kashi Go Lean and blueberries. It definitely hit the spot!


After the kids have eaten breakfast and are ready for school, we usually head out the door around 6:45 and I enjoy my 2nd cup of coffee on the way.

I usually have a midmorning snack, but I just wasn’t hungry for one. Could it have been the leftover {unpictured} blueberry muffins that the kids left on their plates? Oops!

I got really busy right around 11:00, so I didn’t end up eating lunch until around 12:45. I was pretty hungry by then and glad that I had packed a very filling Three -Bean Veggie Burger. I ate it crumbled over GREENS and broccoli with a little balsamic vinaigrette.


This salad kept me really full until the kids and I were driving to Madelyn’s horse lessons, around 4:00. I had my apple for the day! Excuse the recycled picture….same story different day….


After horse lessons, I picked the kids up something for dinner and we headed to Landen’s gymnastics practice. I brought my dinner from home and ended up eating right around 5:45. I brought my leftover Turkey Taco Casserole and served it over mixed greens, grape tomatoes, and broccoli. I topped it off with avocado, plain Chobani Greek yogurt and Food Should Taste Good multigrain chips. Wonderful! The Turkey Taco Casserole ended up being a really great recipe…you should check it out. Brad loved it too, but the kids not so much.


When I got home about 9:00, I popped these Pumpkin Brownies in the oven {made with extra ripe bananas instead of pumpkin because that’s what I had on hand}. Since Madelyn’s birthday is today, I wanted to bake up a yummy dessert. We aren’t having her party until next month, but I wanted to make the day special for her.

And after the brownies baked up, I was in bed by 10:30.

Something to think about…..

Did you get your greens in? Tell me one thing you ate, yesterday, that was green.

Have you ever tried a veggie burger served over a salad? I love eating veggie burgers this way!

Have you ever had a yogurt bowl? What’s your favorite way to eat them?

Hope your Wednesday is full of good GREEN food!! 😉