Hello, foodie friends! How’s everyone’s week going? I really can’t complain, mine’s been pretty great. It’s Wednesday and that means What I Ate Wednesday day! The meals and such I’m sharing are all from yesterday, so I decided to do a “day in the life” post. Nothing too exciting, just a typical day of eats.

a day in the life

Maybe not the typical day… I usually have my first cup of coffee no later than 5 AM and this first cup of coffee was enjoyed at about 8 AM. Every year a few hospital employees come to the school to do cholesterol and blood sugar checks. I always partake, not that I think anything is abnormal, I just like to compare the results every year. I also think it’s really important to have a baseline, in case something does go wrong.

late morning coffee

Waiting till 8:00 for coffee and breakfast was not fun! I had a Wild Mountain Blueberry K-cup, sweetened with SweetLeaf Stevia. I received a few sample from SweetLeaf and I have to say it was perfect in my morning cup of joe!

I made Blueberry Banana Overnight Oats in preparation for bringing my breakfast with me to work, so I could just grab it and go. Best decision, ever! It’s been awhile since I’ve had overnight oatmeal and this jar of oats really hit the spot… could be a new breakfast obsession, especially with warmer weather on the way.

blueberry banana overnight oats

Lunch was another egg salad. I’ve been loving these, lately, and I actually have two varieties I need to share on the blog soon. This one was a curried egg salad, which might just be my favorite yet. I’m a huge fan of curry.

Curried Egg Salad

I snacked on a couple of almond butter snack balls, after leaving work. Just a little warning… these things can get quite addicting!

almond butter snack balls

Taco Tuesday- the easiest way possible, thanks to my slow cooker! Most weekends I make the easiest salsa chicken ever and then use it throughout the week for salads, casseroles and tacos, of course.

two ingredient salsa chicken

These chicken tacos were incredibly easy and delicious. I stuffed mine with the salsa chicken, slaw, tomatoes and avocado crema and served black beans on the side. Yum!

Two Ingredient Salsa Chicken in the Slow Cooker- Perfect for quick and easy chicken tacos!

And of course dessert… always an evening coffee treat!

coffee and cookies

Something to think about….

What was the most delicious thing you ate yesterday?

Have you ever had your cholesterol checked?

Did you partake in Taco Tuesday, yesterday?

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