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I have now read all of Gillian Flynn’s novels and they were all captivating interesting reads. Flynn is superb at keeping the story line interesting and unpredictable. She is an expert at creating twists and turns and then just when you think you have the story figured out, she pulls the rug right out from under you. Be aware, Flynn never shies away from details, even those that are very disturbing.


Sharp Objects starts with, journalist, Camille Preaker, heading to her home town of Wind Gap, Missouri to report on the unsolved murders of two preteen girls. There is nothing boring about any of the characters in this story….they pretty much all come complete with their own dark past, including Camille. As Camille begins to unravel details in the two murders, her own past begins to unravel. I couldn’t relate to Camille on a personal level, but her vulnerability and the sympathy that I felt for her really made me like and root for her through the whole book.

From the beginning of the book, it is very obvious that Camille and her mother have an extremely rocky relationship. As the story develops the awful way Camille is treated by her mother, Adora, is gradually unveiled. Adora is a bitch in the truest sense of the word. And Camille’s 13-year-old half-sister, Amma, isn’t much better.

I have to say, this novel is a little more predictable than Flynn’s other two novels. As Camille investigated the unsolved murders, I was suspicious of a few characters right away, but Flynn kept me guessing throughout the story. I was right about some of my suspensions, but not all of them…of course. This is a page-turner that I definitely recommend!!

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