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I’m such a magazine person. In fact, even though I love to read, I would actually prefer to snuggle up with a good magazine rather than a good book. Maybe my love for magazines has something to do with being a visual person and a self-diagnosed ADHD person… ha! I just so enjoy flipping through the pages and browsing beautiful clothes, yummy-looking meals, interesting workouts, cool home ideas and the list goes on.

Creating a Vision Board

Magazines aren’t just good for reading; they are the perfect tool for creating your 2015 vision board. Some of you may be asking, “Vision board, what the heck is that?” Well, just hold your horses… I’m going to share my 2015 vision board with you and give you tips for creating your own vision board.

Creating a Vision Board

A vision board (sometimes called a dream board) is simply a visual collage of your hopes, dreams and/or goals. A vision board is not wishlist, to-do list or a collage of material things you’d like to own one day. Think, less about the things we want, but more about what we want to be or accomplish in 2015 or whatever timeframe you decide. Vision boards are super simple to create and only take a few supplies.

Supplies needed:

  • A large piece of poster or foam board or a large bulletin board.
  • Glue or pushpins. Rubber cement or Mod Podge work best. Elmer’s can give a wrinkle effect to the paper and glue sticks lose their stickiness over time.
  • Magazines. Use your favorites and also select a few you don’t usually read. This will give you a huge variety of images to choose. I purchased my magazines from Walmart- they have a great selection.

Creating a Vision Board

You may have all of your goals written down and planned out to a tee, but for some of us it really helps to visualize our aspirations with pictures. As you’re working to accomplish your goals, it’s helpful to look back at your vision board and remind yourself of the big picture.

Choosing images and creating your vision board:

  • Have a plan. Before you start browsing through magazines, determine the goals and/or dreams you want your board to portray.
  • Don’t be afraid to veer from your plan. If something really catches your eye, go ahead and cut it out. You don’t have to use it in the final project, but you never know how it may come together with your other images.
  • Include words. Words really speak to me, so I’ve cut out quite a few. If you can’t seem to come across the right words, just use a sharpie and write your word(s) directly on the board.
  • There are no rules. Place your pictures and organize your board, your way. It’s your board- if you want to place tons of pictures, collage-style, go for it. However, you would rather organize the board according to goals, that’s cool too. Also, don’t be afraid to leave white space. White space will leave you room to add something that you may come across later. It’s also less distracting, if that’s preferred.

Creating a Vision Board

My dream board (above) is still a work in progress. I will be working towards taking my family on a snow skiing vacation, this year- hence the snowy pictures. And it’s no surprise that I want to increase my creativity in the kitchen- it all comes back to food… ha! I also included some phrases that caught my eye- they just made me happy and remember, your board is all about you!

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Something to think about….

Have you ever created a vision board?

Are you a magazine reader? What are your favorites?