A squash day of eats!

Hi friends and welcome to one of my favorite blog days, What I Ate Wednesday! It’s all about the squash today…. after scoring some delicata squash this weekend, I just couldn’t let you guys down and not eat one of my favorite foods! {Click on the button below to check out more delicious eats in Jenn’s linkup party.}

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My morning started off like any other typical Tuesday morning, with a cup of coffee. I actually tried a brand new variety, Starbucks caramel coffee. It’s a keeper!


Breakfast was a green smoothie, enjoyed on the way to work, made with cucumber, baby kale, banana, unsweetened vanilla almond milk and two tablespoons of PB2. I’m thinking as I get closer to my long run this weekend, maybe starting Thursday or Friday; I’ll add some oats to my green smoothie to up the carb intake a bit.


My midmorning snack was baby carrots. Gotta love these little guys!


Lunch was an AWESOME bowl of my copy cat Panera Bread’s Autumn Squash Soup. I had a sandwich on the side made with Trader Joe’s Harvest Wheat Bread (which is really delicious) and two slices of Hormel’s all-natural sun-dried tomato turkey meat. I love dipping my sandwich in this soup and it was the perfect day to bring soup for lunch because it rained all day. —-> a rainy day also meant no horse lessons (please don’t tell Madelyn, if I happen to be slightly happy about this) 😉 Excuse the recycled picture, but I forgot to bring my bowl and I had to pretty much eat this soup out of the horse trough of a container that it was in.


As always, a Gala apple for the drive home from work!


Since we didn’t have horse lessons, I was able to cook dinner at home. What I threw together was so good and simple, you have to recreate it! I pan-fried some Brussels sprouts in coconut oil for about 25 mins, then added in a sliced chicken sausage (Trader Joe’s apple chicken sausage) and spinach and cooked it all up for a couple more minutes. Meanwhile, I heated some leftover roasted delicate squash in the microwave. Once everything was hot, I combined the squash with the sprouts, spinach and sausage, added some salt and voila…dinner is served.


And for dessert……of course, more cinnamon seasoned sweet delicata squash! I can’t get enough of this stuff, guys! Luckily, I stocked up at the farmer’s market this past weekend.

Something to think about….

Tell me about the deliciousness that you’ve been eating.

Do you drink coffee? What kind are you enjoying, lately?

Of possible interest: I’ll be participating in my 3rd round of the Conscious Cleanse starting November 2nd, a 14-day, whole foods based cleanse designed to help you clear out the old, make room for the new, identify possible food sensitivities and increase energy and vitality so you can feel and look your best! If you’d like to join me in detoxing before the holidays, go sign up here. And if you’re curious about how the cleanse works, my results and thoughts; I have a whole page dedicated to the Conscious Cleanse…. head on over.




  1. says

    Your dinner sounds so good! Brussels sprouts, squash, and chicken sausage are 3 of my favourite foods!

    I’ve tried that Starbucks coffee and really enjoyed it as well. I can’t get it here in Canada though. 😛 I tend to drink President’s Choice organic fair trade decaf coffee. It’s really smooth, just how I like it!
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen recently posted…Thanksgiving x 2My Profile

  2. says

    Do I drink coffee? PFT! 😛 Not a day goes by without it! I actually really love the taste of coffee, so I’m not really loyal to a particular kind. Right now I’m trying to get through some older Kcups (Green Mountain, Donut House) so that I can buy some new ones, but I’ve got my eyes on the Cinnamon Roll and Chocolate Glazed Donut flavours. Holy.yum.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. WIAW … simple swaps .My Profile

  3. says

    Oh yes, I of course drink coffee. I’m a huge coffee lover.
    Probably my favorite part of the day!
    I’m definitely loving the black coffee per usual, but I still loving mixing it up with pumpkin spice coffee creamer. It’s a problem how much I love it;)
    And I’ve never met a squash I didn’t like. I love them all. Pretty sure I eat at least one kind of squash each day!
    Lisa recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday – Sleep DeprivedMy Profile

  4. says

    The dinner you made looks delicious! I’m always on the lookout for something quick and easy to throw together since the husband and I usually try to do something active after work and home home STARVING!

    Does your family like to eat healthy too? I feel like my parents would have had a hard time getting me to eat spinach and brussels sprouts growing up.

    Also, I totally agree on the coffee. I had some at my sisters this weekend and fell in love.
    Jenni @ Fitzala recently posted…WIAW – Workout + Mountain BikingMy Profile

    • Kim says

      My kiddos are pretty picky and no, they don’t eat Brussels. I usually try sneaking in veggies where I can. They both love green smoothies, though. so, that’s a plus.

  5. Beth says

    Wondering, how do you use your own coffee with your Keurig maker? Is there an alternative to having to buy K-cups, which are expensive? What model do you have? maybe that matters. Thanks so much.

    • Kim says

      I have a B70 Keurig and it came with a reusable filter. I bet you could go online and order one. The k-cups are expensive… I only buy them for a special treat. 😉

    • Kim says

      Thanks, Nikki! Here recently, I’ve just been roasting up delicata squash with salt and cinnamon. And you can substitute most squash for pumpkin in any recipe.

  6. says

    You mention adding oats to your smoothies in the future, and I think you definitely should. I find that oats really add a unique texture and taste to these relatively natural and organic smoothie recipes. I’ve actually talked with some friends who are really into natural foods and smoothies, and they have actually incorporated freshly made and hot oatmeal into their smoothies. It makes the drink into something less of a drink and something more of a meal. Sort of like eating a protein shake, but not nearly as dense. Of course, you’d want to mix it all up into a puree of sorts so you don’t just have a cup of oatmeal (that would defeat the purpose), but when done right: it tastes great. Even add some fruits for some added sugary flavoring if you so dare! Hehe, I love your eats.
    Julie @ A Warrior and A Nurse recently posted…Tips, Tricks, Tactics, Strategies, Tools, Resources, and Lessons Learned from New and Veteran InfoBarrel Writers…..and, How Can I Use Them to Make More Money on InfoBarrel in 2013-2014 and Beyond? – Part #2My Profile

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