Leftovers (it's what's for breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Hi, guys!! How’s it shaken? Pretty great here!

The advantage of all the time I spent in the kitchen this past weekend……. lots and lots of leftovers; which make for an easy week of meals.


I started my day off the best way possible, with a cup of Coconut Mocha coffee. Instead of my usual two cups in the morning, I just had one. I’m starting the Conscious Cleanse on Monday and that means no coffee, so I need to start gradually weaning myself off of it. {oops….. I made up for the absence of two cups later}

coconut mocha coffee

For breakfast I had the last muffin from a batch that I made on Saturday. I’ll be sharing the muffin recipe with you tomorrow. You don’t want to miss this recipe…. there’s a secret ingredient! I had my muffin with Siggi’s vanilla yogurt and raspberries. This was my first time tasting Siggie’s yogurt and I have to say, I’m not giving up my Chobani for nothing!!

beet muffin

Before lunch, I snacked on some raw almonds and baby carrots…. nothing new with the snackage.


For lunch, I had my leftovers from Sunday night. It was a pasta recipe with shrimp, spinach and lots of other goodies. {recipe to come} This is one of those meals that’s better the next day, when the flavors really have a chance to meld together and intensify.


Lunch was really tasty, but unfortunately I don’t think I brought enough because I was still hungry. So, I followed lunch up with an orange. I can’t really say this did the trick to calm my rumbling tummy, but it helped.


Usually, I eat my apple after I’ve left work, but my tummy just couldn’t take it and I ate devoured it before leaving.


I’ll spare you the ugly photos of my leftover dinner, which was a wrap with the pictured Chopped Southwestern Tuna Salad, and share with you the photo that was approved for Foodgawker……yippee! I was so excited that this photo was accepted, as I’ve been declined quite a few times before. What’s funny is some of the ones that were declined were edited using Lightroom (when I had the free trial). My free trial ended, so I’m back to using PicMonkey until I’m ready to fork over the cash for Lightroom. PicMonkey makes for way quicker editing, too. I will tell you that I have the purchased options and I use Curves under advanced effects to edit. By the way, this is the best tuna salad you’ll ever taste and if you don’t like tuna, sub in chicken or chickpeas!


Venti iced coffee with three pumps sugar free vanilla, two stevia packets and a splash of soy = the perfect after dinner treat! I guess the one cup of coffee/day didn’t really happen…. oops…..

iced coffee

And that’s a wrap…. Head on over to Jenn’s blog to check out other What I Ate Wednesday posts!

Something to think about…..

How do you feel about leftovers? I personally love them, especially if I really enjoyed the meal the first time around!

What eat or drink have you been enjoying?

Do you have a favorite leftover? Soup and chili always tastes better the next day, to me. And, of course, nothing compares to Thanksgiving Dinner leftovers!!!!!!!

I’ve got tons of recipes to share with you, so join me back here tomorrow for one of them!



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    I adore leftovers! A lot of the time I find that food actually tastes better when it’s been allowed to mingle in the fridge for a day or two… And you’re right about Thanksgiving – nothing tastes better than cold leftover turkey, potatoes, corn, and cranberry sauce. Holy yum… Thank goodness it’s right around the corner!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. currently – september .My Profile

  2. says

    I’m pretty sure weaning off coffee sounds like the worst part of the cleanse 😉
    Leftovers are definitely my kind of meals. There was a time when I couldn’t hand anything leftover, but thankfully my palette has changed quite a bit from back then.
    I’m with you on the fact that chilis or soups once they’ve been leftover and all the flavors marinate together. So tasty.
    I feel like it’s even better when leftover sometimes.

  3. says

    I don’t think I could ever give up my morning coffee! : / Im starting the paleo diet to help with my skin condition im having and I just cant give up my coffee and creamer!

    I loveeee left overs night!! I don’t tend to have many left overs as we always bring them for lunch the next day, but when we do it’s the best night ever! hehe Or I just have an egg night for dinner on my “don’t want to cook nights”!
    Heather @Pinkaholic Fitness recently posted…Wordless Wednesday & Day 4 Smoothie ChallengeMy Profile

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