Dear Running,

I’m shocked, saddened and pretty much speechless over the devastation of the bombing at the marathon yesterday. All of yesterday morning I had been thinking about the runners and their awesome accomplishments and then when I saw the news via FB, I was just heartbroken. I had actually been thinking about a post on my love for running and decided that today would be the perfect day for that post.

Photo shared by Tara Wind. Original Source is unknown at this time.

Dear Running,
You are my salvation and my sanity. You make me feel strong and healthy.
I don’t always love you, but I always respect you. You make me proud and you make me humble.
You let me be myself, you give me clarity and you give me fitness. You are there for me and only me.
Running, you take me to the highest of highs and lowest of lows.
Your tough and your hard, but you make me feel happy and accomplished.
I may need a break from you from time to time, but don’t worry, I’ll always come crawling back.
I cherish our time together and I want you in my life forever!
I <3 you, Running!

kara quote

To those of you involved in the bombing or have family members and/or friends involved; I’m so, so, sorry and my thoughts are with you.



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