Merry Christmas!!

Happy Christmas Eve and Marvelous Monday to you!

 Check out Katie’s blog for more Marvelousness!

Yesterday, I had an EXTREMELY marvelous day, celebrating Christmas with my parents, sister and brother, sister-in-law and all of the kiddos! Enjoy some scenes from the day.

That’s a brand new grill that Brad and I got from my parents. This one is easy enough to use that even I can do the grilling…can’t wait!


Merry Christmas to all of my bloggy friends! You make me smile daily, by reading and commenting. I hope each and everyone of you reading has a wonderfully special holiday celebration spent with friends and family. Don’t let the season pass without taking time to appreciate all of the precious moments in your life!

christmas card2012

Something to think about…..

Anyone else have any of their celebrations yet?
Anyone having their celebrations today? Can’t wait to celebrate with Brad’s family today!!

Make it a MARVELOUS Monday!!



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