Last Chance Survey

Hi guys!

I’ve seen this survey all over the blog world, but saw it first on Chelsey’s blog. I thought it would be a fun and quick post for the weekend.

1. Last food you ate?  For breakfast this morning, I had apple pie oats….very good! Recipe coming tomorrow.

2. Last beverage you drank? Wild Mountain Blueberry coffee… favorite! 

3. Last workout? A brisk 3-1/2 mile walk yesterday.

4. Last thing you pinned? I need to try these apple cider muffins from Jessica. Don’t they look fabulous and I think I could easily healthify them just a bit!

5. Last text message you sent? That’s fine with me….. I was responding to my daughter’s text, asking me if she could spend the night with her aunt.

6. Last blog you visited? Janetha’s blog, meals & moves. I love that girl….she definitely knows how to tell it like it is! Funny, when I went to her blog this morning, she had the same survey up.

7. Last tweet you sent? My blog post yesterday.

8. Last place you visited? Last night, I ate dinner with Madelyn at Which Which while Landen was at gymnastics. I had the black bean burger sandwich and then we made a stop for something sweet. 😉

9. Last time you did ab work? Yikes….do I have to answer this? I can’t remember….I know that’s awful, but I think I’ll do a Zuzana workout today and get some ab work in.

10. Last show you watched? Last night, when I came in Brad was watching one of his favorite shows, Gold Rush and I sat down and finished it with him.

11. Last thing you baked? This flourless cookie cake shaped into a Jack O’ Lantern. It is so good, a must try!

12. What is the last thing you Instagrammed? Being 33 and all, I really like this! And it’s pretty close to true, while I’m not so sure that “33” is the magic age, the 30’s really are great!

13. Last item on your to-do list today? Spend time with my family, including my nieces. We’re going to cook burgers out and let the kids roast hot dogs and make S’mores. It should be a fun night!


Your turn!

What was the last blog you visited besides mine?

Where is the last place you visited?

What was the last thing you ate?

Have a great weekend!



  1. says

    Last blog I visited: Iowa Girl Eats

    Last place I visited: the Phoenix, AZ area…in fact, I am here right now! 😉

    Last thing I ate: breakfast consisted of two pieces of whole wheat toast and a mixed berry greek yogurt….a banana is calling my name soon!

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