S'mores Fun

Not on my Fall bucket list, but Fall fun I hadn’t thought of making…..s’mores. Brad has been wanting a fire pit for years and he finally dug one up. He’s still wanting to add rocks around it, but we enjoyed it on Saturday night anyway. Here’s a few iPhone pics of the night.

The weather was beautiful outside, but I can’t wait for the cold nights to bring blankets out and snuggle up around the fire, roasting hot dogs.

I’ve got a very silly girl {in case you hadn’t noticed}!

There is just nothing like a s’mores! I think she needs to ask for her two front teeth for Christmas this year. 😉

Excuse the hair…..for some reason, she thinks when she gets out of the bath she has to brush it all over to one side. 😉

Fun weekend, indeed!
Hope everyone else is having some Fall fun too!

Something to think about:
Have you checked any items off of your Fall bucket list?
When is the last time you had a s’mores?
What did you do this weekend? Any fun plans today?



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