Thursday Things- Link Love

Hi guys! Today will not be the normal work routine for me. I have a yearly doctor’s apppointment in Fort Worth, so I took the day off. Shopping and the day off from work, totally makes the doctor’s appointment worth it!

How about a round of Link Love on this beautiful Thursday?  I think so!


This Paleo friendly pizza crust sounds right up my alley. How about pizza and wine for dinner on Friday night?….sounds good to me!


LOOK AT THESE PICTURES!! There are no words……


This is a really helpful post on buying nonprocessed foods from Trader Joe’s. Like Lisa mentions in her post, even at TJ’s where much of the food is preservative and artificial ingredient free, not all of it is; so you still need to be aware of what you’re putting in the shopping cart.


I got so excited when I saw this post from Katie on Monday. I can’t wait to try it! I don’t really have time during the work week, but these weekend we will definitely be giving them a try and I’ll let you know how they turn out.


That’s it folks….I’ve got to get some breakfast on the table for the kiddos.

You looked at the pictures of the couple above, right?  Okay, because if you didn’t; you better go back up there and click on the link!!!!!

Come on back tomorrow for one of my all time favorite recipes.



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