Happy Halloween Eve & a New Day a New Breakfast

Happy Halloween Eve!!

I came across this site with some super cute {healthified} treats and thought I would share. It may be too late for this year, but there’s always next year. My Halloween dinner plan, for the kids, is to make these cute little mummies and mac & cheese.

For dessert, I’m going to make an adapted version of Katie’s giant cookie cake and turn it into a Jack O’ Lantern. Last year, for Valentine’s Day, I did a heart version of it. I’ll be sure and post pics and recipe. Unfortunately, it will have to be after Halloween….. I also thought this Chocolate Pumpkin Pizookie would be a good dessert option and it could possibly be made into a Jack O’ Lantern too.

I hope everyone has a fun & safe happy Halloween!

Now onto my breakfast change-up……

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, breakfast is going to be something different every day this week. I’ll go ahead and tell you that I have some spinach that needs to be used up, so expect to see that for a few days.

Breakfast was a savory one, but delicious. I tend to go sweet with breakfast, but this unexpectedly hit the spot! 😉

I chopped up a handful of spinach and a little roasted bell pepper, mixed this in with 3 egg whites, and cooked it up omelet style. I also have corn tortillas left over from the enchiladas that need to be used, so I split the omelet up between the two tortillas, added some guacamole and TJ’s green salsa and voilà ….YUM!

Something to think about……

Anyone else up for a breakfast switch-up? What did you have today?

Making anything special for your Halloween sweetie…..or yourself? I’m just pretending the cookie cake is for my sweeties, but it’s really for me! 😉



  1. Libby says

    WOW! Your cookie cake looks really good! I have a 12 yo son who does not like cake or frosting at all but will eat cookie cake. I have been wanting to try this recipe! So it’s really good?

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