Boredom Buster Workout {no equipment required}


Last night I finally got around to making a pizza with a cauliflower crust. I’ve been wanting to experiment with this for a couple of months now. I was really happy with the taste, but it was a little less sturdy than I would have liked. I’m going to play around with the ingredients and get back to you with a recipe. In the meantime, here’s a picture to entice you. 😉

On Sunday morning it was so cold outside. I took Max for his normal morning walk around the block, but there was no way I could bare the weather for a run. The gym doesn’t open till 1:00 on Sundays and I needed to get my workout out of the way, so I came up with a challenging, quick, no equipment required workout that can be done in your living room, hotel room, outside or in the gym.

The 30 minutes it takes to complete three rounds of the workout will fly by because the movements are constantly changing. If you want a longer workout just add another round or two. Each round came out to about 10 minutes. I only rested when I really needed to and only for about 20-40 seconds.


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If you’re not sure of any of these exercises, just google the name of the exercise and you can usually find demonstrations on youtube. Just some helpful hints…..

When doing the walking lunges; keep stepping out with each lunge, instead of stepping feet together {it will make it much tougher}. Hold a set of dumbells, if desired.

For pushups; feel free to take it down to your knees, if needed. I did 10 normal pushups and then the other 15 with my knees down {girl style} with each circuit. Just keep your back straight and bottom down.

For bicycle abs; when you stretch your leg out; the closer your leg is to the floor the more challenging. Also, you should not be pulling on your head with your hands, only supporting your head.

When completing squat jumps; feet should be a little bit more than shoulder width apart and be sure that you are using as much power as possible in your legs to jump up off of the ground. When you squat down the weight should be in your heels. When going down into squat position, pretend that you are sitting your bottom back in a chair.

I do tricep dips using the seat part of my fireplace, you could also use a low chair, bed or stool. The farther you put your legs out, the more difficult the dips are and keep your toes up.

When completing the plank; your back all the way down to your feet should be straight.  I do my plank down on my elbows, which is more challenging than on your hands with straight arms.

Enjoy the workout!

See you here tomorrow for another round of What I Ate Wednesday!


Disclaimer: I’m not a personal trainer and I do not have any kind of certification in fitness; just sharing a workout with you that I enjoyed.





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