Thursday Things: Link Love

Why is that 4 day weeks always seem just as long, if not longer than regular 5 day work weeks?  So glad it is Thursday and closer to the weekend! Hope everyone is having or had a wonderful day!

Today, I’m sharing some links that I came across this week that are worth sharing. Enjoy!!


I’ve tried whipped coconut cream before, but didn’t have much success. This link gives you a step-by-step tutorial on whipping coconut cream. I’m definitely going to be giving it a try. This would be a great healthy substitute for frosting.


Lately, I keep hearing that for fat loss it is better to workout before eating. This article reports what I already knew from personal experience; if you fuel your workout with carbohydrates you will have the energy to workout at a higher level, for a longer amount of time, and just plain and simply feel better while working out. I know everyone is different, but for me; I absolutely have to have a little food in my tummy before working out.


I love this office workout, but it may be just a tiny bit difficult to do in a pencil skirt! 😉


This is a fantastic blog that I discovered, when she did a guest post for Danielle at Kelly is 14 and has tons of recipes for healthy sweets. I can’t wait to give something a try. These cookies only have 8 calories a piece.


I really try to always buy organic, but sometimes wonder if I’m wasting my money. This gives great info on the foods that really need to be bought organic.


Since I’ve decided to follow the paleo diet for awhile, I’ve been researching paleo recipes. Here are some great sites that will definitely help me out with meal planning.

Have a great one guys and I’ll see you back here tomorrow with a couple of recipes!

Any great links you’ve come across this week? Leave a comment and let us know what it was.



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