Thursday Things: favorite quotes from around the web

Hello. How’s everyones’ week going? Mine has been good. Nothing too eventful, but really busy at work. I think I’ll be heading to Costco this evening. I usually don’t go to the grocery store during the week and definitely not Costco, as it’s 45 minutes away. Buuuuuut……since fun things will be happening this weekend, there will be no time for grocery shopping and we need some Costco staples bad.

That will probably mean Jason’s Deli for dinner, which isn’t bad at all. Love, love, love me some Jason’s Deli!!

Yesterday, I had a delicious salad for lunch with strawberries, avocado, boiled eggs, spaghetti squash, olive oil and lemon juice. The eggs were actually an afterthought. When I was packing my lunch Tuesday night, I realized I didn’t have a protein prepared and I really didn’t feel like cooking up a chicken breast. So, I decided to give Kasey’s hard-boiled egg technique a try. It worked like a charm!!

I love reading quotes/sangs/phrases, whether it be on pinterest or facebook or in an actual book….I can just read one right after another forever. My husband and I have actually caught ourselves up way too late reading funny quotes on pinterest. 😉

Here are some of my faves……

Marathon mantra!!

Replace tea with coffee for me!

Always a sucker for these ecards!

My dad told me this before I could even drive and isn’t it just so true?!?

Hope you enjoyed all of my faves and you have a great day!



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