Thursday Things: Favorite Books

Hi there!! Good morning!

Who watched The X Factor last night? What did you think? I recorded it and have watched about half of it. I liked it for the most part and I think I’ll continue watching. I was so glad that Britney didn’t just sit there being nice to everyone. I would much rather see the judges giving their honest opinions.

And onto a little book talk…….

I love reading books that totally bring you into the book and take you out of reality, so you feel that you are right there with the characters. My favorite books are fiction with some level of suspense.

Here is a list of books that have stayed with me, as books that I still think of from time to time and actually somewhat remember what happened in the book. If you are looking for a new book to cozy up with in front of the fire on a cold night with a cup of hot chocolate {didn’t I paint the most perfect picture ;-)}, check these out. ***Click on each picture to be taken to a description of the book.

I’m going to start with what is probably my favorite book ever. Drowning Ruth, by Christina Schwarz is a definite page turner that will keep you guessing and on your toes until you’ve turned the last page. I recommended this for a book club selection with my book club group and everyone loved it.


All three of these next books are by the same author and I’ve loved each one of them. Lucky was the first one of the three that I read and I was hooked. I wanted to read everything by Alice Sebold. Unfortunately, she only has these three books out so far….. I’m hoping for more to come. Lucky is a memoir that she wrote, about being raped in college. She has a way of really pulling you into the story; like you’re actually right there with the characters {I love when stories do that!].


Hunger Games Triology…..need I say more!! If you are one of the ones holding out on reading this; get yourself to the bookstore, library, or download it immediately. The first book was probably my favorite, but I didn’t want any of them to end. I listened to them on while walking Max and I was never so excited to take him on his walk each day! I really enjoyed the movie too, but I’ll tell ya….the books are where it’s at!


And another one that really needs no words; The Help, by Kathryn Stockett. This book makes me wish I were a writer. It’s another one that will transform you into another time and place. It really gave me a new perspective on what it might have been like to be an African American in the  early 1960’s and some of the issues that they had to put up with.Very touching and a must read! The movie, in my opinion, was wonderfully written and cast; but again, as with most, I really think the book was better.


Tuck Everlasting, by Natalie Babbitt is actually considered a young adult’s book and I read it in a children’s literature class in college, but so thoroughly enjoyed it and remember it very vividly. A quick, easy read that will have you asking yourself, “what if”.


Garden Spells, by Sarah Addison Allen was a recommendation by one of my fellow book club friends. After learning that there was a level of magic to the story; I wasn’t so sure that I would like it. However, I was pleasantly surprised and ended up getting carried away into this story. {the constant mention of food didn’t hurt!} I loved the quirkiness of this charming adult “fairy tale”.

I hope ya’ll check out some of these, if you haven’t read them yet. I really don’t think anyone will be disappointed!!

Please leave me a comment and let me know one of your favorites, I’m always looking for new books to read.

If you watched, what did you think of X Factor? Any opinions on how you think Britney did?

Hope your Thursday’s great!! See you back here tomorrow for the best Paleo ball recipe ever {they’re awesome!}!!



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